Miscellaneous Stats PvP Rebalance

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  1. Do they have a big misc bonus? Or are they an alt that feeds all their items to another account
  2. Hi Everyone!

    Turns out... we weren't fully equipped to handle the change, and things went sideways, creating situations like this:

    This was a mistake on our part. Misc stats ended up affecting plunder / how much cash you steal on an attack.


    It should be fixed now.

    Again, the change will take some time to propagate. You can force a recalculate on your own stats by attacking out of your hit range, trading with another player, or getting an item. Your opponent will also be recalculated if you attack out of hit range.

    You'll also see your rankings shift around as things settle.

    Thanks for your patience everyone!

  3. I'll forgive you for 1 chibi
  4. Who even checks what they make when they hit ?
  5. Broken, needs fixed. Jumping around all over the place in rankings. No support as it is currently.
  6. Jeez these people complaining. I bet some of you don’t even fight or in sfw. 
  7. Seems interesting?
  8. Senpai noticed me
  9. I mean, Y'all get credit for trying
  10. Hmmm everyone in my bl is at minimum 1/3 smaller than me. Also how in the heck did I drop over 3500 lower on the leaderboard. But jump up 20 in the club I am in.
  11. Oops drop now 20 in club. Good lord
  12. You've always been able to hit people 5x bigger or 5x smaller than you. What is your complaint?
  13. Says the one in a cc club
  14. does that mean there's going to be a new LB section for misc stats, cause our overall lb ranking has changed also.
  15. Damn I dropped like 40 on club ranks lol

    Idk if this "update" was the best thing for PvP?Especially if this is yalls attempt to revive it per vet requests
  16. Now that I actually understand this....I hate it. My ranking went from 599 to 1211 or something like that. So annoying ?
  17. Get your misc up then
  18. Issue being there is no one with a higher kcs. The closest one is 1/3 of mine
  19. Then you probably have a low misc compared to most people your size + up. Try finding people your size and up manually and hitting them to see if it can go through rather than relying on bl. They said it would take a few times for it to recalculate + they fixed some bugs a few hours ago
  20. I like the strides you're making to help pvp, but I think the ranking system needs to be more explained. I went from #1 to #3 in club. And went from top 400 overall down to 900's.. maybe I'm dumb but dont understand.