Miscellaneous Stats PvP Rebalance

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  1. Only count misc stats for Tb isn’t fair... u should count tutor bonus as well....
  3. Nahh I think ur about 300t off /:
  4. Be careful ata, you might control the game but we control your paycheck. Greed will be your downfall.
  5. ...chill
  6. Getting less money on my first hit from farms.

    Idk why this is. It feels substantially decreased, and I hadn't checked forumes yet, but I knew I'd see something here.

    Why 1/2 misc in stead of the true change to stats?
  7. I feel like it needs to be balanced against TB further, but this was a good step.
  8. ehm

    @Everyone complaining about people being small or big in their BL

    MISC has a hidden impact on pvp. Don't look at their base stats :lol:
  9. 1/2 misc counting for calculation is too much. You should reduce it for sure
  10. I'm failing hits on people your size. They fucked up royally on this one.
  11. The lies we tell ourselves
  12. fook yes
  13. I used to get 200m per hit on this one guy, i hit him now and i only get between 5m and 60m, explain?
  14. Who ya hitting?

    Are they Active or inactive?

    I have a theory
  15. Well, you disappeared...but if you're hitting an old inactive farm you gotta remember there was next to no misc bonus back in the day.

    Therefore, with it being factored in now you are considerably stronger than that account.

    PvP payout is based off difficulty of the size of the person you're hitting vs your own size
  16. What's the next step?
  17. So now currently I have someone half my mcs, and someone top 10 on the leaderboard on my PvP list. Still needs work. While misc should be acknowledged, the balance isn't there yet.
  18. Still active, 2 year award, 12mcs so around my stats
  19. Hit range has always been 5x bigger or smaller.

    Half your stats is nothing. You can hit 1/5 your size. And 5x your size.

  20. Either they didn't explain it properly or something's missing idk wut :/