Miscellaneous Stats PvP Rebalance

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  1. In the past, we've come to realize that misc stats weren’t being factored into matchmaking (i.e. the feature you see when you look up 'Meet People') or hit range mechanics at all, even though they made you stronger.

    We’re now releasing a change to balance this out and have misc stats be considered in matchmaking and hit ranges! It’s part of a larger effort to make PvP better and this is the first step.

    We’re starting off with miscellaneous items giving half the contribution that dormmates do towards your matchmaking rating and we'll go from there!

    F A Q

    Q: Will this affect the amount of plunder I take from someone I attacked?
    A. No. You’ll get the exact same amount from them as before this change.

    Q: Will this affect the outcome (win/loss) of PVP actions?
    A. No. This will not affect winning or losing, only who you are allowed to hit.

    Q: Will this affect parties?
    A. No. This change is only for PVP. We may look at how misc stats affect parties in the future, but we aren’t sure yet what the right answer is.

    Q: Hey, wait.. I’m trying to hit someone and it seems like the hit ranges are wrong!
    A. It will take some time for people’s stats to recalculate to the new values. Until then, hit a second time, if it's your first time hitting that target. When you try to hit out of range, after giving you the message, the game will recalculate for both the attacker and defender. So if the first try doesn't work, try a second time to be sure!

    Q: Huh? Why did this happen?
    We're looking to make the game more fair, and this is part of that. We had a lot of players who had bought large amounts of misc stat items and were evicting dormmates to abuse the fact that misc stats didn't count at all in matchmaking.

    For example, let’s say you had 10mcs from dormies, 10mcs from tutors, and 999mcs from misc, before this change you could hit people who had 10mcs from dormies, 10mcs from tutors, and 0 misc.

    Now you can’t!

    Q: Why did I change rank in my club?
    A. Your club ranking is based on an invisible value - tied to the value we matchmake you on. A side effect of this change is that people with lots of misc will rise up in their club rankings.

    This should help you better determine who is a tough target when viewing a club list, but it also helps you see who has the most stuff - before this, it only factored in dormies and tutors.

    Have fun!

  2. Misc bonus is now included in hit range, it seems. Hit range, before, was only calculated by raw stats and TB.
  3. I thought it was already included :?
  4. When is this taking effect? Or has it already?
  5. Pretty sure it’s just raw stats and TB.

    Misc was only a bonus when attacking someone or defending from hits. So now it’s included in hit range. Misc also seems to affect club rankings.
  6. Cri my new BL ppl are 3x my stats sad days ☹️
  7. It's live as of now, but it may take a little while for people's matchmaking rating to recalculate.

    It was always taking effect in attack calculations, just not in matchmaking and hit ranges!

  8. it's not really a difference for me cause a 50mcs player was already able to hit me 
  9. It’s already live
  10. Nice. Now nerf misc altogether... hahaha
  11. Just when you thought that they couldn’t f the game up more... you thought wrong. No support
  12. aw yiss. pvp focus.
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  13. This is trash. Doodoo.
  14. Will this affect ranking as well?
  15. Right smh and I thought I would take up on bl hitting eventually...not anymore lol