Misc. Rebalance & Peacemaking Thoughts

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  1. No, the misc. rebalance.

    Yes, to peacemaking.

    Instead of a misc. rebalance there could be a hit range rebalance instead. Here's my thoughts on what would be reasonable hit ranges for mcs stats. It's just a rough example...


    And from there it'd be like...


    Or something as reasonable as that.

    Unfortunately, many "farmers" spend nearly $300 irl every time per 1bcs. You pay to win players caused this and we're all paying the price for the actions of the reckless cheating of you pay to win players.

    I suggested an idea on forums about an item to avoid hits before. It's nice to see ATA found a way to make money and to help out players at the same time. 8 hours, 1 day and 3 days isn't too bad. Especially if players can stock up on them and activate them whenever they want. For Black Friday and Christmas it'd be great to see special editions for longer periods of time that you also can stock up on. I support this idea, it'll help noobs grow and strategically, it can be used to an advantage... all depending on what you do on here. It's not a bad idea, but the way it's only on the spinner rn defeats the purpose in a considerably big way. It stops high stat players from harassing small stat players for items... better than the misc. cap.

    For those of you who didn't read any of that, please discuss your concerns an opinions below without arguing. If you're going to complain about the peacemaking idea, please don't comment... unless it's pointing out an improvement that could be made. Thank you.
  2. No support to peace tags
    Support to misc nerf
  3. But isn’t that against ToU? :lol:
  4. What’s a ToU matter when it happens on third party tho? ? players don’t care
  5. Same to ATA. ATA don’t care when they release it. It will happen :)
  6. Players do it everyday, which is probably why the misc. balancing is happen.

    I believe players don't care, but ATA cares because those $300 add up fast and they aren't going to their business.
  7. It is a massive loss to them and I know that decent traders would have to spend a year trading to get items worth a dumb $300. and then some nubs comes in, first week, buys a nice account and some misc enough to mix some peoples' shit.

    What kind of unbalance. When I was new, I thought that someone paying a.t.a for some cats and upgrading faster than me was unfair, but people just buy the stuff from an old player for piddlies and I feel like my time actually was worth nothing.

    If I find you tryna sell your account and it's in my hit range, you'll best take off the "tb" section from your ad and tell people the account's a runner from sfw.
  8. I really like the peace tag but not the misc rebalancing  many players will quit
  9. Exactly. No, to the misc. rebalance... but yes, to the peace tags
  11. Don't worry... They'll just peace tag it ?
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  19. Support.

    To not mention that it's against ToU.
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