May Avatars

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  1. Exam season will be over soon and it's time to unleash a new you!
    Beautiful new avatars are now up for grabs until the 31st of May!


    These gorgeous babes are exclusively on the Spinner:


    ...these lovelies are in the Store for 50 EC each:

    ...while these hotties are going for 200 EC each:

    Get 'em while they're hot!
  2. Kaneki is that you?
  3. Can someone get me the spinner avatar pls?
  4. Oh my lord, body n suits is gorgeous.
  5. Jimin? ;o
  6. First girl avi hawt ☹️
  7. Love the female spinner avi  partly coz she has UK on her boots and I'm British so good fit tbqh ?
  8. Never get these avas on the lame..
  9. make the last two purchasable ill give you so much money
  10. Is that Nyané Lebajoa?
  12. Looking like real people
  13. Skullface kinda looks like Sehun ?