LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Marco's Mayhem Social Box! 💪

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  1. It’s nice but the above bed is throwing me off for some reason. Maybe if the shoes were different colors.. idk.
  2. 😅 understandable
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  3. Holy snap. I just realized some of the shoes are facing the opposite direction. (I am so sorry to mention this, but I didn’t want to suffer alone noticing it).
  4. It still feels like half of the time, but it’s probably because I’m so far behind on collecting things.

    I meant that the banner wasn’t updated for the new social box (at the time I originally said it) but they had been out for at least a day or two. Tbh I would’ve been less surprised if ata posted the banner too early and removed it within an hour, bc they’ve done it before 😂
  5. 😭😭😭😭 bye lmao
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  6. The furniture go hard!! 🔥🔥🔥 defo going broke for these set lesgoo
  7. Hair gel: piggy bravo
    Handy handcuffs: officer llama
    Singers microphone: popstar pony
    Black balaclava: lobster burglar
    Soup ladle: kitchen kangaroo
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  8. What would it cost to buy the entire room setup in whatever currency people use (bentos, etc)
  9. It was throwing me off too. Replaced it with the “CEO Suite” above bed (from like 2 hunts ago) and honestly it looks like it was made for the dorm. Easy cheap fix.
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  10. That being said, it still really sucks having such a great complete dorm except for one small piece. Designers let them down with the above bed and it turns a lot of people off of the whole dorm now.
  11. Wait it out for a couple months. Right now the 999 alone is 45b so. Sit tight.