Malice in Wonderland

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  1. Just noticed the bat is reused too from one of last year's Halloween items.

    I don't have an issue with it. Just thought it was interesting.
  2. It bugs me that you can still see the old colours on the female one ? like recolouring the whole thing wouldn’t have been difficult, literally sticking a filter over an old avatar is lazy as heck
  3. Ihooe i could have that 999ecs furniture 
  4. I love this so much! ️
    Will this event come back next year or will it change?
  5. NO POSTER??? Seriously? We have 2 499, 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 chairs, 2 plants but no poster???
  6. selling lvl3(betsy ross) 999for 30bento and lvl1(great canadian) for 15 and together for 40bentos
  7. Same hoping they'll add a vip
  8. I collected my prize and never got the new avatar
  9. Shit... How can I delete that Post ?
  10. I thought they posted a new hunt tf lol
  11. I’m buying and trading for this hunts furniture! Plz WM or add me as a friend! Thank you!
  12. Anyone still selling the ghostly bats?
  13. if anyone is seeing this, im trading all my other ghostly items for axes lol
  14. Did this hunt have a leaderboard 999?
    If so what was it called? And what does it look like?🦋
  15. Cheshire tea party or something like that
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  16. If anyone has the Cheshire 999, im looking for it. And the mad hare 499. Wall me or pm me
  17. Dang.... y’all was complaining that much before y’all even started the hunt... anyway I’m buying teatime horror furniture