Making Waves

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  1. Crap. Absolute bull-crap
  2. you just keep taking L after L. make something worth the time pls and ty.
  3. Just my luck I won't get all the furniture agian for this hunt... Uggghhh why does it have to be so cute for !! :(
  4. Loving this hunts furniture! I hope there's a leaderboard
  5. Where is the LB though ?
  6. I already got the VIP avi lol... Got it early this morning when I woke up
  7. Why can't the female avi be cute  loving the male one

  8. Hey everyone,
    Your friendly neighbourhood content creator here

    Just wanted to swing by to say that these are indeed intended to be avatars with prosthetics.
    We’re working on actively being more inclusive and representative in our content and this is one of our attempts at it.

    We’re still working on completely nailing down the process on this.
    For instance, it probably would have been better to specifically call this out in the avatar descriptions and let you know about it in our initial forum post, but, we’re of the belief that it’s better to try and potentially mess up than not try at all when it comes to this stuff.

    Also, sometimes it’s nice to just see yourself represented in game without a whole lot of fanfare, like, oh hey, yeah, I exist and it’s nbd. So, like I said, we’re still figuring out the nuances of how we want to approach this.

    If you have any further feedback on this or other representation you’d like to see, please make forum threads about it and show your support. We do indeed lurk the forums, and we see you asking for all sorts of inclusive content. <3 We want to hear more about it from you, especially if you specifically identify or experience something firsthand and can help us understand how to represent you authentically and awesomely. We wanna hear about it!

    Love you all, be kind to each other, let’s build each other up <3
  9. YES x infinity.

  10. Ooh like what I said about male avi changes :)
  11. Yaaaay!!!! I'm so excited!!! You guys are the best. I've been waiting for this forever!

    Personally, I think it's great you didnt point it out. In society, we don't point out when people have red hair or glasses or anything that makes us different and unique (Well I suppose some do. However, the more we work to include differences the less we feel the need to have a conversation and express curiosity. I'm sure people at one point were like hey you have glasses and now they don't even register the fact people use them.) So not pointing out disabilities makes perfect sense to me. In fact, I didnt even pick up on it at first! And I've been such an avid supporter for this. And I think that is such a sweet spot in artwork when we can just blend things in and make it all inclusive. Thank you so much!
  12. ^^^^
  13. Is anybody having a problem gettinf the avi that comes after completion of the 19k memory card quest? I got the tiara, carepack but no avi. Restarted phone and cleared cache .
  14. There are no avis on the main memory card quest. If your talking about the VIPs, you have to get 1.8k seaweed hair for those, and that’s all the avatars for this hunt sadly.
  15. So it finishes tomorrow or Wednesday? Because tomorrow is the 28th, Tuesday. ?
  16. Hunt finishes Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 at 12PM PST.
  17. Also I'm so pleased that these did turn out to be prosthetics! :D