Main/side story idea

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  1. So like, when you get the messages that include the images, why not throw in some actual images in there that represent the photo being sent? I feel like it would make it more of an immersive experience.
  2. Not sure if anyone saw this but I'll only bump this once and than I'll let it die, just like my hopes and dreams 🥲
  3. Well the story is already out. To late when its already out. Cant go changing stuff
  4. I'm talking about for future stories 🤦‍♂️ I'm not some nub
  5. I feel like that's a lot of work on top of the artists having to draw multiple furnis/avis/items/etc. Altho it sounds cool
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  6. Agreed with this.

    It sounds interesting, however I wouldn’t want other content areas to suffer just to have a minimal aspect of stories changed.
  7. If it's a minimal aspect how would other things suffer? It's a small change that shouldn't effect anything except a little bit of new art, pimd has come a loooong way we've had other major art changes throughout the year I dont think a little change like this will do no harm
  8. Because no matter what, asking more of the artists within the same time frame as usual is putting more work on their plate, which means less time to dedicate towards things like avis, furniture and misc.

    I say minimal because although nice, it isn’t really necessary and doesn’t ima pact gameplay as much as the aforementioned items that artists create.
  9. Coz it takes time to draw stuff. Ata aint gonna put THAT much time into something that majority of people just skip thru
  10. The less effort they out into stories, the better.