@ lurking mods

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  1. Your qctul ment to say why you locking a thread before you actul do it or coz then people get confused as fuck n double threads get made. Why mods getting so lazy now used to always do it now I'm seeing threads lock no reason
  2. This makes absolutely no sense please retype with grammar.
  3. You should know by now I'm stupid as fuck idk other words it
  4. He thinks that mods are supposed to state why they’ve locked a thread after they’ve locked it.
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  5. Well they always used to so why they don't now
  6. True or they probably just locked it for being off topic and don’t want to keep writing why.

    lurking mods lmao it’s mainly just that one mod that lurks forums.
  7. Idk. Mine I posted it in the off topic section so idk why it did. Seen a noob post wanting boxs it got closed without being told where ment to post it. Seen another one to n but forgot what now
  8. What was your thread about?
  9. We had to pick a number (1, 2 or 3) in the first thread 3 was self harm so it got locked. In the second thread it was just 1 & 2, continue self rehab or give up.
  10. Don't hurt yourself bro
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  11. Pretty sure it's more of a courtesy when they tell us why.

    Either it goes off topic or it's in violation of tou
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