LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Lunar New Year 2020 Avatars

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  1. You will have to trade with someone that has them already
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  2. What are them shoes on bunny thoooo?😒
  3. Buy them off other players
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  4. /)/) SELLING 800:
    ( . .) 🐓, 🐎 (12b each);
    ( づ 🐉 (16b each)
  5. Is ATA not commemorating black history month???
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  6. Why are the cat beads no longer dropping?
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  7. They just have a really low drop rate I believe. I got a cat bead last night, and another the night before.
  8. I’m flashing 40 cats and haven’t gotten a bead still.
  9. Okay yeah I would totally be a little ticked off at that.
  10. I got 2 cat beads today 🤓
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  12. Are cat beads not dropping anymore? I just need one more and I’ve been hitting parties and last bead I got was like 4+ days?
  13. I’m spamming any party and all parties to death I still haven’t gotten my last bead 😒 why.. I’ve been doing this since the first day these avatars came out. There must be a trick 😭 I’m losing patience lol.
  14. Can we maybe do some Native American zodiac avis too? 👀
  15. They are still dropping. Took my bf like a week to get his last cat bead
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  16. Are you able to sell the boxes?
  17. No
  18. Buying ox & rabbit beads 🤍❤️
  19. Buying OX shards WMO :)
  20. ♡Buying :
    ~ 1047 ox beads
    ~ 579 horse beads
    Please wall me 🌻💛