LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Lunar New Year 2020 Avatars

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  1. Edit: Never mind, I was reading the wrong timer.
  2. Ikr
  3. The stop selling a week after they showed up in the store.
  4. Can any party drop the cat beads?
  5. yes
  6. Idk why they changed the Rat avis stats from 65/65 to 60/60, obviously it’s the Year of the Rat so it makes sense that ATA would bump it a little higher in the first place so whoever decided to make that change shouldn’t have done that.
  7. Because it is a goat. There is no sheep.
  8. It’s referred to as a sheep or ram by many as well :) more often it is goat, but it is known as all three!
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  9. I want that Cat Aviiiiiiiiiii😿💔
    =^ . ^=
  10. Thanks for explaining!

    Also, there's an anime about the Chinese zodiacs tbh, and they call it sheep instead of goat. :) So yeah any of the 3 are acceptable. 💕
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  11. I got one of each shard. And i just now got the cat: dog shard, i thought you have to get all 12 avi before getting them shard
  12. You don't need to collect one of each of the regular beads. You collect 1 of each avi, and you will earn a Cat Bead: [Type] for each avi. You can get the cat beads for avis you collected. You can earn the Cat Bead for an avi even if you haven't collected all the avis yet.
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  13. Anyone selling ox beads wmo 🤦🏼‍♀️
  14. When will be the ending of these chinese avatars?😊
  15. The boxes with the beads in leave the store at the next changeover but you can still try to get the avis for 213 days ☺️
  17. How rare are cat bead drops? I'm in a cat club and I have all 12 (had them since drop); but I haven't gotten another bead in five days. ATA says that it's all based on luck but everyone else in my club is getting their beads except for me? I'm confused how this works.
  18. They are random drops and are pure luck. Any party drops them so u don't need to be in a cat club 💕
  19. how do I get beads at this point?