LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Lunar New Year 2020 Avatars

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  1. That's true! I thought about the fact that it's the same price for opening all those different shard boxes only after I posted.
    But with how many shard avis they're putting out at once, it would be nice if at least the boxes where you have to get 800*12 shards (and complete a story) in order to get a 13th avi would cost a bit less 🤓 especially when opening boxes with ec is the only way to get them.

    Of course, at the end of the day, it's up to the players how they price stuff that is obtainable only with real money and then trading, but I see that's going haywire at the moment (because they're exclusive avis and people wanna feel special, d'oh).
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  2. Actually it is, but I see you assuming things is what you like to do is it DoctorK🚮 if you don’t want to spend your real money on events like this then clearly don’t, no one is forcing you, you clearly don’t understand that there’s other ways by getting these avatars then paying. People like you just like to complain all the time about how others are spending THEIR money, but go off and keep complaining. But, if you have such a problem with it, uninstall the game, simple. Clearly you haven’t been playing the game long enough, cause everything you just complained about, ATA has done those things before. But I’m done, complain to somebody else how people are spending their money or how you don’t like what ATA is doing. Thank you☺️
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  3. Wait so if I want the cat I have to collect both female and male Avis. Because I just finished collecting all the female Avis.
  4. That sounded like a lot of butt hurt 😁

    What I complain about it is the fact you need to spend 149*12💎 to get the cat avi. That's waaaay over 100£ if you're buying credit and if you want to earn that much credit from playing games you'd need to do nothing but play games for a month. Sorry, I pass. And no, I won't uninstall the game because you think people who criticise should stop complaining and get the FC out 🤣 What a childish attitude 🤣 Constructive criticism is a good thing, it leads to improvement, it's not an attach on your dignity or an insult 🤣 Take a chill pill 🙂
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  5. I guess English isn’t your native English language now huh, cause clearly you missed my point. I just said you don’t need to just spend ecs or your money to get these avatars, but I’ll gladly say that to you again. If what I said was me being “but hurt”, childish or whatever you want to call it, then fine i guess I’m butthurt or all those things💀 but since I see it’s me repeating myself day today, I’ll repeat this. I’m done with this conversation, so take your argument to somebody else or make a ticket to ATA about how you feel. Now if you excuse me, I have to take a chill pill. Good day☺️
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  6. Sorry, I meant *english isn’t your native language. Okay bye
  7. No, they mentioned femme OR masc avis :) so it doesn't matter if its all female, all male, or mixed.
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  8. See ATA didn't forget Lunar New Year calm down and enjoy you filthy animals 😜 [year of the monkey Woot woot🍌🐒]
  9. I’m oxen but I want them all!! They’re so good!
  10. Believe it or not, your life will go on if you do not spend all your money on getting the cat avi. It is not essential.
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  11. When i complete all 12, the cat beads drop will rarely drop from parties or do i have to equip the certain avatar to get the cat bead drop?🤔
  12. No, you don’t have to have that specific one equipped. I have the horse one equipped but got the cat bead for the rat year.
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  13. Sir, or ma’am, or whatever you identify as, please take a seat. It is not necessary to spend your money to get these. There are people selling them for 🍱, chibis, and so forth. You don’t have to spend a dime out of your pocket for them. Your attitude is unnecessary and you’re extremely butt hurt over something you don’t need to be.
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  14. I have to ask tho, will the Cat Avatar story be available until the sale of the Chinese zodiac avis end too? Cause I want to try getting Cat avi but like collect some of the avis a few months later 🥺
  15. I asked ata and they said there was no time limit for the cat avatar.
  16. Yeah. You have a time limit to get the rest tho so technically there’s a time limit to when you can start the side story
  17. These look great but the work required to get all the Avis and the cat Story without spending major ECs or trading pretty much everything we have (which is what’s gonna happen because the beads will be super rare after the boxes are gone) is absolutely ridiculous.
  18. For some reason they called it goat. Lmao
  19. I see it, i like it, i want it, i can't got it T-T
  20. The boxes don't go away for like 215 days or something though.