Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Rs found💓
  2. Still 👀 For perm RS!
    🍭About me:
    🍬Trans ftm, 17
    🍭On too much for my own good
    🍬 Talkative and likes memes!

    🍭Please be:
    🍬17+ male
    🍭Around my stats or higher (8.5mcs)
    🍬 Willing to max/max hunt cash gifts
    🍭No sfw (I prefer to be a party fairy 😇)
    🍬Go to CC's with me sometimes?
    🍭Able to ask (I can't)
  3. Hiii cooties 🥰 my rs just random broke up with me so i am in the market for a new one. Please feel free to add me and lets chitchat about it 🙃😊😘
  4. Hi! :)
    ISO an RS, and would prefer if you were:
    Around my stats. (Currently standing at 35 MCS.)
    Over 21.
    Able to max hunt gifts.

    I’m a woman (if that matters), and I’m 23 (if that also matters).

    *I can ask out!
  5. Coming back after a Break 🌚 starting again from next hunt soooo. I want a relationship ❤😴

    Looking For:

    Around my age ? 🙊 maybe? I'm 20
    Must not be in sfw
    Must be able to askout cause im broke on ecs
    Atleast be friendly
    Around my stats
    You could take ur time to know me if u want 👌🤘
  6. Still looking 😔
  7. ✿ ᒪOOKIᑎG ᖴOᖇ ᗩᑎ ᖇᔕ ✿

    ➶ 34+MCS
    ➶ Female (EST TZ)
    ➶ Max:Max Gifts a MUST.
    ➶Max:Max attention also🥴
    ➶ IDC about SFW.
    ➶ Lets be rs goals fam

    (Also, I could ask but we’ll see on the vibes🌚)


    ➶ 30+MCS
    ➶ Male Preferrably
    ➶ Don’t be a dud.
    ➶ Tryna be rs goals fam
    ➶ Can occasionally send cute ec gifts because I got ecs too😏
  8. ✨Looking for Rs✨

    Hello, i’m looking for a rs arround my stats (20mcs):
    •Able to gift (not max) hunt gifts
    •No matter gender
    •Not in SFW😔
    ❤️Add me and wall me if interested❤️
  9. Found!
  10. Found ✌🏻💕
  11. I’m looking for Kirito 🌚
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  12. No longer looking. Rs found 🖤
  13. 40 MCS or above ☺️
  14. Found!
  15. luking for a perm rs:
    around my status min 17mcs
    perm rs ,active
    likes to talk

    maxing gifts if possible
    if i will go to cc ,then maybe she will also join ,i will pay for her
    i will ask out
    just add me or gift me
  16. Looking for stat RS

    About me:
    🌸Female, 22
    🌸Kinda talkative once I get relaxed around you lol

    Looking for:
    ☁️Male preferably, but okay with female as well, 20+
    ☁️Around my stat
    ☁️No rp
    ☁️No sfw

    Wall me or gift me if you are interested in getting to know me! 🍻
  17. Looking for a female rs
    She haves to be talkative
    And I have to feel a click with her so first we meet eichother as a friend
    Around my stats(I'm 14mcs)
    Around my age (I'm 20)
    Sfw or not I don't care
    Can do rp from time to time 😘
    Wall me or add me if interested
  18. Found!
  19. I'm 9 some thing mcs need active stat rs. Can talk or not don't care. Can do hunt gifts some times wont do max:max every hunt. You gotta be my stats or higher and upgrade still. I think I got a ask but dont remeber. Don't care if you a chick or a guy it just for stats
  20. Hello!! I am 3.9mcs at the moment and I’m looking for ONLY STAT rs! ^-^ we can still be friends, don’t worry 😂 I cannot ask out so if you can, please do :) I also would like a stat rs close to my stats or a bit lower/higher! WM