Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for stat RS

    🌙 requirements
    • Active player (cause my current rs isn’t one smh)
    • max:max hunt gifts EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
    • Don’t force me to be talkative bc it’s annoying af
    • Magic sentence: I HAVE ASK OUT!🥳
    ❗️Note: not really mandatory but if you be able to do any of these things that would be great :)
    • color name date (pink or violet)
    • matching (shards/story pass/vip combinable) avis
    • went to cc/invites session when there’s promo
    Wall/gift if interested (I don’t bite lol)
  2. 🖤💫Looking for a stat RS💫🖤
    ✨Around my stats: 12mcs
    ✨Gender doesn’t matter (I’m female)
    ✨I will always max cash gifts
    ✨I am sfw friendly
    ✨I CAN ASK
    ✨Wall or gift me if you have any further questions🥰
  3. Looking stat rs
    +60 mcs
    Max:max gifts
    Not sfw friendly
    Must be a main account no alts plz

    Wall me or gift me if u are interested 🤗
  4. ✨Looking for stat rs✨
    18+ only
    Max:max gifts
    SFW friendly
    Gender doesn’t matter
    Don’t be a douche

    Wall/gift if interested 😃
  5. 😬💕 Looking for RS:
    -Active and upgrading
    -Same stats or higher (1.2mcs)
    -NO SFW 🙅🏽‍♀️
    -Max gifts optional
    -Will talk
    -Can discuss everything else as we get along
    -You ask out

    -Active and upgrading
  6. still looking
  7. Looking for a stat RS
    Around my stats 39mcs
    Max:Max cash gifts
    Not sfw friendly
    Talking is not mandatory, I may pop in to say hi sometimes, but not big on small talk, if you need to ask me something go ahead!
    No rp, looking only for stats
  8. Still looking 👀
  9. 🍥🌸🍥 Looking for friendship RS, stats 40 mcs +🍥🌸🍥 interested: then lets have a chat ✌🏻💕
  10. Looking for rs. 35 MCS + Thats able to ask. Strength build would be a +.
  11. Still looking
  12. 🥺💕 Looking for RS:

    Please be:

    💚Active and upgrading

    💜higher than or the same as 7.4mcs

    💛Able to Max:Max cash gifts


    ❤️Gender doesn’t matter


    I am


    💚Active and upgrading (7.4mcs)

    🧡Able to Max:Max cash gifts


    🖤We can y’all about everything else before becoming RS if you chose to do so

    ❗️I can ask! Or you can
  13. Looking for a stat/friendly rs
    I’m 21mcs so you should preferably be 20mcs+
    I’m friendly, bubbly and kind
    I’m not that talkative but will say hi and see how you’re doing :)
    maybe you can change your name to match mine but isn’t required
    Add/wall me if interested thx💕🥺
  14. 6M stat looking for 30M or higher since I'm starting over... Can ask 🙂
  15. 🦂 Looking for stat rs 🦂

    I'm 8.97 mcs female
    Looking for someone around my stat or higher
    I can max gifts
    SFW friendly
    I don't have an ask out but can buy one

    Wall/gift if interested! 🙃

    💜I’m a female (23yo), if you’re interested.

    ✨i don’t care your gender or whatever.

    💜we can be friends or not, that’s up to u.

    ✨i can rp but you’ll have to catch me active.

    💜 I’m not an alt and you shouldn’t be.

    ✨i don’t mind if you’re in 🎯 but I’m not that active so idek.

    💜I’m willing to listed to any of your requirements.

    ✨I can’t ask out.

    💜you must speak english or spanish fluently

    ✨Let’s no break up.
  17. Looking for a stat RS that’s around my stats (1.5MCS or higher)! But you have to ask
    About me:
    I’m 21F (if that matters)
    I’m a pretty likeable person
    We can be friends, or not. Whatever you want

    wall/add me if interested :)
  18. 💕Looking for a RS 70mcs+💕
    🎁 Max gifts 🎁
    😈Male (because I like to match Avis) 😈
    😠No SFW😠
    💯MUST like memes💯
    ☺️Add me ☺️
  19. ❤️luking for a rs 10mcs+❤️
    💌maxing gifts optional💌
    😘female 18+😘
    🙂I will ask out if u stays perm rs🙂
    add me if interested
  20. Hello 😊

    I'm male
    100 mcs
    European CET

    Looking for:
    Female perm RS
    Around my stats, i will consider lower stats as well
    Possiby European (I might consider others but you must be very active then, i hate to feel alone...)
    30+ yo is a bonus
    Absolutely NO to young girls.

    Add me if you are interested and we can talk about all the details.