Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for stat RS around 1mcs, can ask, wall me 💕
  2. Still looking 💕
  3. I’m almost 8mcs, I upgrade frequently and I need someone as a stats rs around my stats with ask out 🥰
    Add me if interested :)
  4. Found 🙌
  5. I am around 5mcs, on and off PIMD. Looking for someone around my stats, friendly, pref. male but it's not a big deal. Ideally we should be a couple that helps each other with shards but not a must.
  6. "
    Not looking anymore
  7. Still looking
  8. Keeping it simple

    - 60mcs +
    - Male, 30+ Preferred
    - Active and chatty a bonus
    - max:max gifts

    Add Me
  9. Looking female rs (25+)
    I'm 41mcs
    Max gifts
    Help each grow
    Anything you wanna ask add me to

    #where r u im waiting for you rs
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  10. Still looking 👀
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a rs!
    •7.5mcs or more
    •No sfw
    •Must be able to ask
    •Pls spoil me ;-; I'm a needy baby

    I'm trans ftm, and I'm super cute and loyal (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
  12. Looking for an rs
    Can ask
    Max gifts
    Around my stat (21mcs)
    I flirt so boy or girl 🥺
  13. luking for a active rs
    - prefer girls only (13mcs or more)
    - perm rs nd active
    - sfw friendly
    - spam me cheap gifts
    - not necessary to max hunt gifts
    - talkative nd loyal

    I will ask out ,just gift me or add me
  14. my stats: 35.2kcs
    Minimum for partner: 20kcs
    Yea I’m willing to ask out
  15. No longer looking 🥰
  16. • I’m 12mcs

    • If your asking minimum requirement is 5mcs.

    If I’m asking minimum requirement is 15mcs.

    • I’m willing to ask out

    - Gender doesn’t matter
    - Preferably 20+
    - I’m a party fairy
    - We dont have to rp but I do want someone I can talk too

    If instead send a gift telling me your adding me for RS
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  17. Hey I'm Terp
    I'm 28/f
    I'm Looking For A Rs :)
    I'm 8.44 Mcs
    I'm Annoying ASF
    I'm Sfw Friendly
    Im Lokkjng for Girl/Boy/Non Gender
    Good Hearted
    must be as annoying as me
    Sfw/War (not a must)
    I can Ask/Or You
    28+ older please no Babies or young adolescence

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  18. Not looking ☺️