Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Still looking for an rs

    Upgrading slowly
    I’m constantly broke from upgrading so I can max gifts but I can send 1-2

    Around 1mcs or higher
    Must have ask out
    No rp
    No swf
    I don’t mind alts

    please wall me if interested 💕
  2. Looking for RS

    Around 1 MCs

    Upgrade slowly

    I don't have ask out

    Looking for active RS honest and loyal to me and open minded girl mature one..


    1 MCs or higher stats 💕

    Help me in upgrading to me...😘

    Have a ask out..❤️❤️

    Honest and loyal one open minded girl and mature one...😘😘😘☺️
  3. luking for a rs...
    - 13mcs+
    - active, loyal nd trustworthy
    - luking for a female rs

    - any status
    - active nd loyal
    - sfw friendly

    i will ask out ,if u likes to be perm rs
  4. not exactly rs but anyone that can help me grow and spoil me a little on game works (not necessary, just talk to me bc i’m needy af)
  5. Looking for stat RS

    • 75mcs+
    • Active player (cause my current rs isn’t one smh)
    • Can take few hits if necessary but strictly no SFW
    • max:max hunt gifts EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
    • Don’t force me to be talkative bc it’s annoying af
    • Magic sentence: I HAVE ASK OUT!🥳
    ❗️Note: not really mandatory but if you be able to do any of these things that would be great :)
    • color name date (pink or violet)
    • matching (shards/story pass/vip combinable) avis
    • went to cc/invites session when there’s promo
    ✨Wall/gift if interested✨

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  6. Lets
    Let's see if it works out hmu
  7. Looking for a long term business partner preferable female but male should work (no homo)

    my stats or higher, dm for ask out arrangement, 100mcs+ get a limited special contract DM me for info!!
  8. Still looking. 😊

  9. Found
  10. Looking for RS partner
    • I'm 67mcs, Female, semi active
    • If you are higher than my stat, I can ask out
    • Male or female, idc
    HMU :D
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  11. Looking for a perm male RS/RP

    • 12.4 MCS
    • Male
    • 22+ years old (i'll tell you more)
    • Super Active
    • Higher stats (=> 12 MCS)
    • Male
    • >22 years old (older than me, please)
    • Always upgrade as we have to grow together
    Wall/PM me for more details! Need that boo 😍😍
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  12. My friend Glamorous is looking for an RS her stats (48mcs) or higher.

    - Gotta be active
    - Gotta Max gifts!
    - Gotta be talkative (she likes to talk)

    Add Glamorous 💕

    P.S - She don’t know how to work the forums 😂
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  13. RS time again 😅 I guess


    • 11.8 mcs and upgrading regularly.
    • Active and know most of the stuff which has to done here in the game 😅☺️
    • I'm down for wall posts, coloured names and other cute stuff like that too 🥰
    •Will try to gift the new gifts as much as possible but only when I have the fund to do it (at times I'm broke af 😅)
    • Would love to chat even be romantic if you're down for it .If not I'm cool with that too 😁😁


    • Preferably at least 4mcs willing to negotiate on that one 😅 cuz why not 😁
    • Very friendly, loving and caring
    • Female, at least 18+
    • Willing to max gifts
    • Active and upgrading. Preferably someone who’s good at pricing stuff because I’m real bad at that and could use occasional help.

    Most of my preferences are optional or negotiable.

    I don't have an ask out token. If you're interested please go ahead and add me or send me a cheap gift so that we can get to know each other more
  14. Need active RS 💕
    I'm almost 600kcs
    Your stats aren't as relevant but near me preferred
    Also I can't ask 😔
    If you ask me out I'll stay with you till your tired of me 😂
  15. Need active RS 💕
    I'm almost 600kcs
    Your stats aren't as relevant but near me preferred
    Also I can't ask 😔
    If you ask me out I'll stay with you till your tired of me 😂
  16. need perm female active nd sfw friendly rs
    min 1mcs status
    loving caring
    u have to ask out as i dont have ask out
    wm/add/gift me ,if u like
  17. looking for a friendly stats rs

    • Around my stats or higher (im 5.8mcs)

    • No rp but we can be friends

    •Max:max gifts/random gifting

    •help each other when possible

    •purple name dates if possible

    and maybe we can send gifts <333

    i dont have an ask out, sadly, but promise i wont waste yours! also i can send u gm and gn messages if you want 🥺😳👐🏼
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  18. Looking for Female(Preffered) Rs, Around or above 2mcs, Gifts, Colored names, etc is an option, Would love to become friends! So chat is a must... Mostly Active please!
    I am 1.9mcs, Female in my early 20s, I am on most of the day, upgrade fairly quickly, Party fairy mostly but willing to learn how to farm!, Add me if interested! I have an ask 😘😘🙌🙌
  19. Someone perm rs me from this alt acct from when I started 😂

    Me- female almost 7mcs still upgrading and very active... Have no problem maxing gifts if I have funds, dates yes please, I'm super friendly love talking and good convo, NO RP OR SFW(I am an admin so no drama or SFW thanks)

    You- female 7mcs or higher, active and upgrading often let's build together, friendly no weird stuff no socials or outside lines to "conversate", NO RP OR SFW( can't afford to get hit I am an admin), friends or in game dates YES PLEASE

    You can ask or I can just don't waste my time I don't rs hop so don't hit me up if you plan on dumping me in a week, month etc strictly for STATS and PERM RS
  20. Looking for RS around my stats or higher

    Not talkative
    sfw friendly
    (◕‿◕✿) You ask me out

    I’ll give snuggles ㅇㅅㅇ