Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for an rs who doesnt mind incs
    100mcs and above 💙🌹
  2. Looking for perm rs:
    - Around my stats, 24mcs or higher
    - I don’t really care if you’re in sfw
    - Gender doesn’t matter
    - Bonus if you can max hunt gifts, but it’s not necessary
    - Actively growing

    🥺 wm
  3. Looking for a Perm Rs 🕊🌹

    I am 80mc+
    Not in sfw or drama
    22, Female

    Preferably 60mc+
    Male/Female Idc
    Color Dates
    No Drama

    Send me a Request 🌹
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  4. Looking for perm female RS before hunt ends.
    18mcs or higher
    Will max gifts for you always
    And you shall get a good morning msg at the start of your day 😅
    Active and be equally sarcastic and funny like me 😎
  5. Looking for perm rs before hunt ends
    Male/Female/Non-binary whatever
    45mcs min
    Preferably no sfw (if you are in sfw message me with who)
    Maxes gifts
    We don’t even have to talk
  6. I'm 1mcs And growing
    Looking for perms rs
    Español o latino si es posible
    Before the hunt ends
    Wall me or add me
  7. ^🥺
  8. Rs found!
  9. I am ~5mcs
    Looking for
    • Stats rs
    • You don't have to talk to me (would prefer that you don't actually)
    • Around my stats
    • Send gifts regularly (don't have to max)
    • I can ask (but please don't make me waste it)
    • Male or female doesn't matter
    • No SFW
  10. Don't spam Shadi... ☠
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  11. 🌻 Looking for perm RS before hunt ends
    🌻 my stats or higher please! (~12mcs)
  12. Welp looking for perm RS again before hunt ends!
    Gender don't care 😴
    No rp

    I'm sfw friendly just don't drag me into your shit 24/7
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  13. Still looking 👀
  14. I’m ~3mcs
    Looking for perm rs.
    Don’t have to talk to me
    Gender doesn’t matter
    No RP
  15. Nevermind.. rs'd a friend to help 🙂
  16. Bump
  17. •Looking for perm rs
    •Not in sfw but sfw friendly
    •I’m 55mcs so preferably around my stats or higher
    •I’m a girl if that matters to you
    • 25 years old, pls be 18+
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  18. Welp, back to looking... 😔
  19. Looking For RS
    • 34Mcs or higher
    • Sfw Friendly
    • Somewhat Active
    • Can max out gifts
    • Somewhat talkative🤷🏾‍♀️
    • Preferably male
  20. Looking for an RS - I can ask
    • 15mcs or higher
    • Not SFW friendly
    • Chatty doesn't hurt
    • Can send hunt gifts, maxing not necessary
    • I'm female, but gender doesn't matter
    • I can spoil sometimes, mutual would be nice