Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  3. Looking for RS for my friend!!! 🌺☁
    Looking for same stats or higher
    1. Hes sooo nice and chill
    2. He cute
    3. He tall with a deep voice
    Wm so we can interview you
    P.s he doesn't know about this @AlphaBash
    P.sss From Val, Myri, Daysha and Jim
  4. Looking for RS

    15+ MCs
    don't care about gender
    Must max gifts
    Don't care about dates a lot
    Be a friend and be a bit weird so I feel ok.
  5. Still looking. 👀
  6. Looking for stat RS
    💜 45 mcs+

    💜 Active
    💜 No sfw/rp

    💜 Max:max gifts
    💜 Male or female
    💜 I can ask 🥰

    🌸 Wall me or gift me 🌸
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  7. Looking for a male rs, similar stats (I'm 12mcs), will max for max cash gifts, looking for someone talkative and maybe flirty 😊 I can ask if you're worth it!! 💜
  8. Lᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ғᴏʀ ʀs 61ᴍᴄs+ 💜
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  9. Looking for Perm RS 25MCS+
    Max:Max gift
    Ask me out 😬✌🏻
  10. Looking for a nice and talkative rs 🌺
    I'm 10mcs male
    Looking for someone
    Around my stats, anyone higher than 5mcs is okay for me
    Doesn't have to max gifts cause I'm broke as well atm 🥴
    And you have to ask out
    Just wall me or send me a gift so we can get to know each other 🥳
  11. Looking for a Stats Rs 🌻

    About Me: 🥀🍃
    Female (18)
    Stats: 2.5mcs atm
    Lf a rs thats: 🥀🍃
    Male (18+) preferably
    Stats: no lower than 1mcs
    Not sfw friendly 🙅🏾‍♀️
    Can also ask 🤧💗

    Just to note... I cant max gifts 🥴 but I can gift from time to time :) and it would be great if we could actually be friends! 😊
    Wall me if interested💕
  12. Looking for an active Rs , with similar stats.max: max gifts. Wall ping or gift if you want to know more
  13. Looking perm rs + 45 mcs
    Max: max gifts
    Not sfw friendly
    Ask me out 💕

    Wall me or gift me if u are interested 🤗
  14. Looking for an RS 🥰
    I’m around like 12mcs and I’m not too picky so just be 5mcs+ 🤧
    I need you to at least be semi-active
    Max:Max cash gifts is a must, maybe EC gifts every once in a while but not mandatory 😌
    I have no gender preference (I’m female btw)
    18+ pls 🥵
    Be nice, talk to me, make corny jokes, everything will be great 🌚
    I’d prefer if you could ask if your stats are lower but I can ask if I decide you’re cool enough 🤠
    Gift, wall, or follow if you’re interested🖤
  15. Looking for RS.

    -Same Stats -8mcs
    -Dark Humor
    -Not fucken sensitive
    -willing to just hit ppl

    I can ask 😈😈😈😈

    wall me / add me — whatever - best pick up line
  16. Looking for an rs!
    Requirements: 8mcs+
    -Must be sfw friendly
    -(Would prefer you to be able to take hits)
    -Must be active
    -Any gender is fine
    -You ask please

    -Gift maxing isn’t required but would be nice.
    - Rp isn’t required either
    (Mine is the best and I don’t expect anyone to be able to top it)
  17. Looking for an rs!!!

    20+ pretty please (I’m 27, the older the better lol)

    15mcs+ (I’m 17mcs)
    Max gifts (I can spoil if I like you enough)
    Rp is great but not required!!
    I’m active and love to chat and have a good time. I can be funny too!!!

    Oh I’m a female as well and gender doesn’t matter to me.

    I can ask out. Wall me or gift me if your interested.
  18. 👋🏻 I can ask — my post is right Above yours
  19. mom pretty cool ... also silenced so I can’t hit your wall .. I can also ask 👀
  20. looking for rs ♡♡
    ✰ i’m 50mcs. [looking for someone w same or above, 45+ works.]
    ✰ max:max gifts, can do ec gifts too.
    ✰ sfw friendly.
    ✰ gender doesn’t matter.

    wall or add me :)