Looking For A Relationship Partner?ξŒͺ

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  1. Still searching
  2. looking for rs for stat 8mcs+ i will ask out
  3. female rs preferred
    and someone who is chatty and active in pub please 😌
  4. dirty flirty and pervi πŸ’•πŸ”₯
  5. I'm a Female from GA in the US, I'm 28mcs. Looking for a mature, loyal, and funny RS my stat or higher preferably in the US or close to EST, but if not it's ok. I am not looking for a stat RS. I'd liked to be spoiled and I can spoil back. Gifts, ecs gifts,and I'll help find things you're looking for. I can ask or you can WM πŸ˜‰
  7. Lets see if this works....

    Helping my Tutsie find an RS.

    She is:
    30mcs (Same stats or higher)
    Nice and fun to speak toπŸ’•
    Max cash gifts 🎁
    Must be active!!

    Prefers a fun and flirty RS. A little RP can be fun

    Message me if ur interested... I'll give you more details.
  10. Potentially seeking an RS.

    I’m 34.9mcs, female, friendly & chatty. Will max gifts and for the right person, I can ask out.

    Looking for someone around my stats, also friendly and chatty, who is SFW friendly, can also max gifts.

    Hit me up and let’s see if we match :)
  11. Searching for Female RS.
    Age: 20+
    Stats: around mine 19mcs
    Gifts: Max/Max
    - Must be friendly & active
    - Any time zone works
    - Perferbly chatty
  12. 9mcs, looking for an RS around my stats.
    Not picky about gender.
    I'm old as dirt, so prefer 25+
    Max/max gifts
    Prefer someone that likes to chat occasionally.
    I can ask.
  13. Looking for an rs with some pretty specific requirements:

    26 mcs str build
    Active, plays every day
    Sfw friendly and quite frequently causing trouble
    Also a huge fairy. I do both.
    Actively upgrading
    Will max gifts
    Will drop cats for you and buy you nice things
    Will ask out
    Will help you sell and price furniture and items
    25 years old, female, central tz, pink hair

    Must be sfw friendly
    Must max gifts
    Be happy with name and frequent attack dates
    Not an alt
    25+ mcs str build or int, no even build please
    Not some creep with horrible pimd history
    Happy with sessions and farming together. Happy with getting spoiled often

    Wall/hit/or gift if interested
  14. Rs Required :
    1. For me : Need ec rich rs who can spoil.. Idc about stats πŸ₯΄
    2. For a friend : She's 5mcs active no-sfw ❀️
  15. Looking for active RS

    I am 5mcs. Active. Can max cash gift.

    You must 2 mcs up. Ask me out.

    No RP/SFW.
  16. Looking for RS preferably:
    • My stats or higher (5mcs+)
    • Occasionally max cash gifts
    • Long term/NO RP (we can occasionally talk)
    • You ask (everytime I ask my rs go inactive πŸ™„)
    • Preferably no sfw (I dont wanna get dragged into your drama)
  17. Looking for rs
  18. I'm looking for a stat rs. That is active and will talk and send gifts no rp.
  19. Bump πŸ’₯