Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for an rs with some pretty specific requirements:

    23.6 mcs str build
    Active, plays every day
    Sfw friendly and quite frequently causing trouble
    Also a huge fairy. I do both.
    Actively upgrading
    Will max gifts
    Will drop cats for you and buy you nice things
    Will ask out
    Will help you sell and price furniture and items
    25 years old, female, central tz, pink hair

    Must be sfw friendly
    Must max gifts
    Be happy with name and frequent attack dates
    Not an alt
    20+ mcs str build or int, no even build please
    Not some creep with horrible pimd history
    Happy with sessions and farming together. Happy with getting spoiled often

    Wall/hit/or gift if interested
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  2. bump
  4. Looking for a new stat rs bc mine has been inactive for so long 😓

    About me:
    16.7 mcs and I try to ug as often as I can
    Looking for a stat rs only, not an online relationship
    I’m not overly chatty so we can talk or not I don’t mind either way
    Willing to max:max or at least 1:1 new cash gifts
    21 year old female here 💁🏻‍♀️
    I try to get online daily
    Party fairy here

    What I’m looking for:
    My current rs is about 18mcs so I’m hoping for someone the same or higher
    I’d prefer a party fairy like myself but pvp is part of the game so whatever 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Male or female doesn’t matter, I’d like someone 18+ though if possible.
    I’d prefer if you asked

    Wall or add me if interested
  5. Looking for female rs

    About me:
    Male , 21y/o
    24mcs and upgrading eventually
    I cant askout cuz i spent mine 🤧🤧💔💔
    Im talkative helpful and very active and i do spoiling a lot but i hate it to be one sided so lets spoil each other
    Im sfw friendly
    I can’t do color dates much since i dont spend money here but i can max cash gifts

    About you:
    I dont care about your stats much as long as you are +10mcs
    Must be female and can ask me out
    Just be talkative and annoying af please and please lemme know from now if u go inactive soon but i dont mind getting inactive sometimes cuz we all have our lives
    Sfw friendly
    Willing to do match status and avis 🌝🌝
    Im too lazy to write more add or gift me to talk more about it😝😝🤗🤗
  6. Hey my current rs is inactive so I’m looking for a new one 💕

    • 7mcs+ Im 8mcs and growing often
    • Semi-Active and growing often (if you do plan to go inactive please let me know ahead of time)
    • Able to ask
    • Able to hold a conversation and deal with my sometimes annoying self 😂
    • Able to max gifts if wanted or needed
    • Respectful
    • Able to help each other
    • I don’t really care about gender because I’m not looking for anything more than friendships
    • But if you do care, I am female even though I will sometimes use guy avi
    • I will probably be starting dates often, I’d prefer it if you did too
    • I am broke so we’ll mostly only max cash gifts
    • I don’t care much for sfw but just let me know what’s going on
    Bruh if you made it this far congrats 🎉 Wall me if interested 🙃
  7. Need new rs. Must be active and gift (I gift back) Must be 1.5mcs or higher and UG often. I DO NOT do RP! I will ask
  8. 54mcs sfw friendly idc about anything else.
  9. Hello✨

    I’m Viktor.✨
    I’m looking for an rs.

    ✨will spoil sometimes
    ✨Will do colored dates occasionally.
    ✨French (I don’t have perfect English just a heads up😅)

    ✨Preferably male
    ✨Will spoil
    ✨Willing to put up with my imperfect English
    ✨Active dates
    ✨Preferably you ask.

    I can ask but I’m usually the one asking so I’d prefer if you could ask. I’m not super strict on gender either because I’m not looking for role play or anything super real. Don’t ask for socials I’m not giving them. I’d love to be spoiled for once. I can spoil occasionally. I love to have friendly conversations.
    Thank you for reading. Wall me if you’d like to get to know one another and maybe rs?😌
    Have a wonderful day!✨🐼😌🦋
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  10. He’s amazing ! & honestly his English is pretty good ✨ he’s worth it !
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  11. I
    can askout for the right person🤗🤗
  12. 180kcs
    120kcs and up
    Can ask out. ☺
  13. Make Looking for female rs
    7mcs and up
    Wall me or add me if interested
  14. Looking for active perm rs around my stats
    Or higher. I'm 70 mcs.
  15. Still looking 💜
  16. Looking for an active rs.

    MUST be sfw friendly.

    Similiar or better stats to my current inactive rs (he spoiled me with his stats 😋) hmu and we will see if we mesh.
  17. Looking for a Active Perm Rs 🥀🕊

    No Drama
    Sfw Friendly

    Would like to have colored names 🥰
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  18. free ask out! yey!
    looking for rs that'll sync with my wavelength
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  19. Looking for a rs 👀
    Preferably similar stats (35.7mcs here)🌝❤
    Non-sfw 👀
    Would be good if we can entertain each other 🌚 Jkjk I mean we can get along ✌🏻💕
    Wm or gift me if interestedd💜