Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Im looking for a rs that is able to ask. I am over 600kcs. I do not care what stats. Wall or add me if interested and message me.

  2. Not an Admin Anymore 
  3. Looking for same stat or 7MCS and above
    Has ask-out since I don’t have
    Preferably Pinoy 
  4. Looking for rs around my stats or higher with askout 
  5. Looking for a guy rs. My stats or higher. Sfw friendly. I can ask. Don’t be clingy ?️
  6. Well i don’t care about mcs or whatever i just want someone to be loyal with me so hit me up 
     preferably a girl, but idm If opposite gender
    can max gifts..
    you need to ask out if you have one free
    I’m almost 7MCS in a month so preferably if ur 7MCS
    STATS ONLY OR don’t even bother.
  8. Looking for an active RS right around my stats. Preferably a guy, but it doesn't really matter. RS for stats and gifts only! No RP or BS! I need you to ask if you have a free one, otherwise message me and we can work something out.
  9. Looking for active RS around my stats that is interested in growing
    I can ask or we can wait for valentines
    No RP, but would be nice if we could be friends and chat
    Gifts are not required but would be a plus
    Preferably male
  10. I need a rs!
    Stats only!
    I can’t ask.
    I’m 15mcs intel build so looking for atleast 12mcs
  11. 22mcs here looking for rs same stats or higher than my stats.
  12. Looking for 100mcs stat rs
    Currently 122mcs. Always growing.
  13. Looking for an RS around my stats or higher. I have no ask out. I'm 400kcs+ - active and still growing. WM.
  14. I'm over 2mcs
    Sfw friendly
    Dont care about stats aslong as over 100kcs.
    You must ask.
    Gender idgaf
  15. Looking for a rs. Has to be over 500kcs. I cant ask but dont mind waiting for vday.
    Girls or boys.
    Message me 
  16. I need someone who asks me out ️
  17. looking for active rs with 5mcs+ stats
    i dont have an askout but we can wait til vday  no rp!..it would be great if we'd be friends or could atleast chat rather than totally ignore each other lol.
  18. HI will you be my date? ️
  19. Looking for RS, gonna ask out on the 14th ️️

    I am 3mcs+ (Upgrading fast because I'm always in cc clubs)
    Looking for an RS around my stats ??
    I'm 17 years old from laguna Philippines
    I would prefer a cat club admin because formerly I am, gonna be an admin when my club got a come back later this month
  20. Still looking and taking applications