Looking For A Relationship Partner?

Discussion in 'Other PIMD Discussion' started by Jerk123123, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. hold me close don't let go watch me burn

  2. wall her :cool:
  3. 7Kcs
    Minimum: my stats
    I'm Very active
    I'm an alt so I can upgrade quick using my main to volley with
    Youd have to ask me out
  4. I'll ask someone over 100 kcs
  5. I'm looking for an Rs 
    I'm 100kcs and growing fast
    Any kcs
    Ill ask out
  6. LCBC
    0/1cs must be Intel
    Must ask me
  7. Lol jazzy
  8. ? lcbc

    Must be Lcbc Nothing below

    Must ask me?
  9. Im 180 kcs
    Looking for 200 kcs
    You must ask because i wasted mine on an inactive person that accepted then restarted ?
  10. need stat RS

    im 4.6mcs
    looking for any stat
    but must have ec to ask out
  11. I'm any stat!
    Do I win? ^
  12. I_want upgrade to 0/1cs Intel n you win :wink: :lol: jk
  13. Bump for noobs posting RS threads
  14. ?Still looking.
    I'm 5mcs looking for 2m

    I'll ask out.
  15. This is so cool
  16. Lcbc
    Looking for lcbc
    You ask
  17. Im 3.7mcs
    Looking for atleast 2mcs intelligence build

    Wall me
  18. Ill ask out