Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  2. Rs needed
    I’m 12mcs
    Sfw friendly preferred
    You ask
  3. Hiyyaaaa im looking for a male rs I'm 15 kcs i think and looking for someone I can talk to n have fun with, in game off
    We can deal with who's asking but hmu please and thank you
    Lovin to keep??
  5. Looking for a male rs!
    - My stats are 220kcs and always upgrading.
    - My stats or higher please.
    - I don't have an ask atm, but hopefully will be able to get some ec soon to be able to ask!
    - I love to have a flirt, so someone who is down for being a couple in game.
    - Helping each other out, gifting too.
    - Pink and Purple names too please :)

    HMU 
  7. Yes I’m a girl with a guy Avi.
  8. ?400kcs upgrading??‍♀️
    ?looking for 800kcs and up??‍♀️
    ?you ask out (negotiable)??‍♀️
    ?I can start dates and gift??‍♀️
    ?no rp, no sfw please??‍♀️
  9. Looking for an RS!
    -5 MCS (I’m 7)
    -SFW Friendly please
    -You gotta be able to ask
    -Gender Doesn’t matter
  10. Looking for stat RS, +8mcs with ask out!
    I'm loyal and nice and will do gifts and dates as often as I can.
    No rp no sfw
    I prefer males ?
    Wall me and let's talk 
  11. ISO an RS 10MCS stat/gifting only
    I don’t have an ask out but we can talk about it
    Already taken so guy of girl doesn’t matter
    No SFW
  12. Looking for a Rs mainly for stats
    Around my stats or above
    NO sfw, no rp
    Just be a active player and be a good friend
    I will ask out just wall me
    I don't want a real relationship so if you do don't wall me
    I don't need any gifts or such too
  13. 600kcs and upgrading quickly
    same stats or higher
    you ask, i dont have an ask sorry
    mainly for stats but id like to have someone to chat with as well
    we can do gifts n dates n names if ya want
    gender doesnt matter but if i think ur creepy its a nope
    wall me
  14. Looking for rs around my stats
    I can’t ask
    Wall me
    My current rs is inactive
  15. Im 10mcs+ ?
    Needa stat rs ?
    Dont care about stats. Just ask :)
  16. ? RS, You Must Ask, Upgrade
  17. Holla I'm looking for RS for stats only please ,should be my stats or higher. I'm very active and always upgrading. I'm not into rp sorry nd no sfw,just need someone to bond with and help each other out,don't have ask out sorry *sadface* Wall me.
  18. Looking for an RS Male or Female with ask out
    I'm 8.6 mcs+ looking for 5mcs or higher RS.
    No Sfw/No RP
    We don't need to max each other on gifts I understand you have Tut's or are saving your money
    I take my time upgrading I'm not rushing to catch up to anything or anyone. If you can wait a week I can ask out, for now here I post again ??
  20. Hey I need an rs preferably a girl my stats or higher
    -Perm rs
    -must talk to each other