Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. 22.4mcs
    Looking for 15mcs+
    I don't have any ask out so it would be great if someone ask me
  2. No longer looking ?
  5. Hi,
    I'm Shinchan or Uday
    And looking for Rs around 12mcs and I'm 12mcs too :)
    I can't ask out unfortunately
    Should hace líne to share noóds [jk]?
  7. Need an active RS in cat club
    Same stats or higher
    RP only if you know T1-Para
    I’m in the U.K. so preferably same-ish timezone
    No need for talk, but if you’re cool we can
    I can ask or you ??‍♀️
    Don’t care about gender
  8. Still looking 
  9. Friend of mine needs a stat rs
    He's about 4mcs
    Must be active
    He does not have an ask out
    Must be a girl  (he's very picky)

    Please add me for more info!
  10. I’m 5mcs
    I can’t ask.
    My current rs is inactive
  11. Rs my boo 
  12. Looking for a rs
    5mcs+ or above
    Looking for a male
    Dont have an ask out
    Do give gifts & Dates as well
    we can talk causally as well
    Please do wall me and follow me
    Thank you! *No RP*
  13. 25,7mcs here

    Have been inactive before because fix irl
    U can check my drops every hunt if u want know how active i am

    Looking for 20mcs+
    Must have ask out
    Stay together
    Help me hosting in all my flash
    Active on maxing gift

    Wall me if interested
    No sfw
  14. STAT RS Requirements:

    • Needs to love FRIED RICE!
    • Needs to be obsessed with CATS!
    • Needs to be literate!
    • My stats or above!
    • I’ll ask or if you can that’ll be great too!
    • Can’t be an annoying twat!
    • Need to have proper hygiene!
    • Make sure you can speak English!

    If YOU think you’ve got what it takes to be my RS. Wall me for further questioning. ?
  15. 18mcs and some
    Looking for stat rs my stats or higher
    Can’t ask
    Follow meeee ?
  16. Not so Starter Player 150kcs working on getting bigger. Last RS was a failure...so i don't have a ask out anymore

    Pls ask me out ?

    Requierements: Same Stats or higher ?
    Be nice ?
  17. Looking for RS with askout
    Same stat or higher and upgrades at least weekly or about 10 days..gender doesnt matter
  18. • I’m 10mcs
    • You must be 5mcs or higher
    • You must ask out
    • I’m not picky
    • Just want someone who’s active and who talks every now and then is all
    • PM me!
  19. Looking for Stat Rs
    -40 Mcs Here
    -Looking for Active Rs with good stats
    -You Ask Out