Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. ?Looking For An RS?

    I Can Ask Out But Not Right Away ECs are expensive yo lol

    Must Be ACTIVE

    Must Be At Least 100kcs and UG As I UG Alot

    Must Be 18+ And OK With RP (Not Just The Dirty Kind Either)

    Preferably From USA Due To Timezones

    ✍️Wall Me I Don't Accept Random Adds?
  2. Im like 70kcs i dont care what your stats are im looking for a SFW friendly rs who wont break up with me i upgrade when i can prefer someone experienced WALL/ADD mei lkke to talk to my rs im also a alt but im pretty active
  3. 7.8 mcs, looking for stats rs. Friendly is ok, no rp. Sfw friendly. I will ask but only if you bring great stats.
  4. 5mcs looking for stats rs. Can't ask.
  5. ?‍♀️ My stats or higher must upgrade regularly ?‍♀️

    im 21 F

    18 +
    have k!.k : line: or Snap
    Ask out
    be okay with rp [ not just dirty]
    have dank memes

    if interested add ya girl ?‍♀️
  6. 4mcs looking for 4mcs or above
  7. ⚜️Looking for a rs

    ⚜️Same stats or higher (38mcs )

    ⚜️You ask?
  8. LOOKING FOR RS 31mcs here.
    25mcs up and just need a max:max gifts.
    Ask out this poor little meow?
  9. -looking for same stats or higher
    -u ask out
    -no rp
    -no sfw
    -wall me first 
  10. Hey there I’m looking for a new rs as mine has gotten inactive. We can be friends or just for rs whichever is fine. :)

    -You ask (I don’t have any ask)
    - Must gift whenever possible (I’ll also try to gift whenever possible)
    - My stats or higher (1.2mcs)
    - No sfw unless we discuss it and both agree
    -must upgrade when possible as I try to upgrade often
    - NO PERVS

    - Male but female is good too
    - if you could start dates sometimes, I will be starting dates at random times
    - If we could help each other out with trades and upgrades and whatnot
    - if you plan to go inactive for a while or is quitting let me know
    - int build but I don’t really care

    ? please wall me or gift me as I don’t accept random adds, thank you ?
  11.  yep i need one 
    im the funniest f ucking person and im trying to be nice too ?‍♀️
  12. Male rs
    Same stat or higher
    U ask
    No rp
    No sfw
    Lifetime rs
    Preferably US time zone
  13. Stats rs? Around 7mcs, you ask. Must be okay with SFW! we can be friends if you want!
  14. ?
  15. Currently 12mcs.

    Looking for a rs with either same stats as me or higher stats.
    I can ask.

    Wall me
  16. Looking for an rs my stats or higher
    Max/max cash gifts
    We can talk or not that's up to you
  17. looking for rs.
    cant ask.
    24mcs looking for over 10mcs.
    don't need gifts but will gift them if you want.
    please no sfw ?
    also no rp.
  19. I'm 40m plus; looking for:

    ~ Preferably female (idc tbh)
    ~ Preferably ask me out - (we can work it out tho, since I don't mind asking)
    ~ Preferably do pink names, they're a must
    ~ Around the same stats or higher, but (idm bc I just want the pink names lowkey ngl)
    ~ Something permanent
    hmu so I can spoil ya
  20. Looking for new RS.
    Around my stats or not
    I can't promise to max gifts but I can from time to time.
    I'm a party fairy so no SFW please.
    I like colored names so if you can that would be great.

    Ask me out pleasee I'm active and talkative if I like you.