Looking For A Relationship Partner?

Discussion in 'Other PIMD Discussion' started by Jerk123123, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Around my stats, maybe.
  2. im looking for 0 stat. But old player not a newbie and 17 age below thats eewy :D 22 above only
  3.  I'm 5.2mcs.
    someone love on me. ?
  4. SUMBODY LOVE MEEEE XD i don't have my free ask though and cant buy it, 300-700 kcs only. ACTIVE
  5. OH, ALSO..
    preferably someone around my stats, and someone I can complain about Majora's Mask to. ?
  6. ?Looking for a Rs 1mcs very active. I'm 1Mcs.?
  7. Zzz 2mcs
    ? looking for 2mcs min
     ill can ask
  8. Why haven't I been asked yet....I'm the most amazing slushy on this planet ;)
  9. Do you have your free ask
  10. 4.3mcs
    someone above my stats
    Don't Have free askout.
  11. True
  12. - 429kcs ?
    - Doesn't matter
    - You ask because I have no free ask ?
  13. Im within 800k.
    Im looking for at least 500k or higher.
    I am willing to ask.
  14. 1Mcs... Almost. 
    Active daily.At least 500kcs+
    Ain't got free ask out. ??
  15. Sumbody luv meh
  16. 5mcs

    2m pleeease.

    If your stats are higher I'll ask out ️
  17. 5mcs here
    looking for 1mcs n above rs partner..
    dont have free ask out :geek:
  18. Uhnvm i'll askwall me 600kcs or higherMUST BE ACTIVE.........an gift me ill gift back?