Looking For A Relationship Partner?

Discussion in 'Other PIMD Discussion' started by Jerk123123, Feb 21, 2015.

  2. ️️️️️️️️️️️️
    Looking for a stat rs 30 mcs

    Maxes Hunt Gifts
    Super Active
     Female
     I’ll Ask 
  3. Looking for rs around my stats. I can ask.
  4. 2mcs
    Looking for a RS that doesn't RP
    Don't care about stats
    Can't ask
    No numbers in name
  6. Looking for stat rs, 14mcs or higher, i can ask, ty?
  7. About 17mcs here!
    Looking for same stats or higher.
    (A little less is fine)
    No rp pls :)
    I can ask, or you can ask.

    Wall me! :)
  8. Looking for rs around my stats

    •I'm 25mcs
    •Male/Female Idc (I'm female)
    •Mainly for stats, I don't mind gifting or chatting
    •I have no ask out
  9. 33mcs looking for perm RS around my stats or (preferably) higher :)
    Looking For Someone That Will Be A Good Friend And We Will Support Each Other ?
    I'm (Almost?) 2mcs..Looking For Someone Around My Stats(Preferably Higher)..If You Have An Ask Out Is Prefrable...But I Can Also Ask Out If Needed ?
    Wall Me If Interested 
  12. Heya! 7Mcs here. I need RS for stat around my stat or higher. Little bit lower is ok.? But i don't do RP. Sorry that i'm not a party fairy so I cannot comply with max:max gift . I have ask out ?.
  14. Searching for RS
    im 20mcs so atleast 17mcs above..
    must be talkative and Active.. I dont have ask out so ask me out..
  15. ️️️️️️️️️️️️
    Looking for a stat rs 30+mcs

    Maxes Hunt Gifts
    Super Active
     Female
     I’ll Ask 
  16. Almost 10mcs here.int build
    Sp preferably around my stat
    And str build(isnt important that much)
    I don't have an ask out sadly
    Somehow talkative here
    Cant max gifts :( and can tak a few hits in as well
    Wall me or add me (siiver)
  17. found 1 already 
  18. Just an Alt looking for a stat rs around my stats. Lol
  19. Looking for a stat rs!
    I’m about 21 mcs, looking for someone higher!
    Looking for someone who is active and preferably male ️ someone who will also max gifts and talk 
  20. ?️ Happily in a rs with Geek now.