Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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    I'm 1.3 MCS, must at least match stats
    I have no ask, you gotta do it
    Must gift occasionally
    Ya gotta be active
    You have to socialize with me
    ☠☠NO RP☠☠
    Any gender
  2. Well iam 9.42MCS,looking for rs about my stats or min. 6MCS. I don't have ask out so better to have a conversation and chance for me there. Thank you
  3. RS only for stats
    I am 4mcs.
    Looking for active 2mcs +
    I don't have ask outs. 
  4. I’m 20mcs, looking for someone my stats or bigger if possible and you would have to be able to ask. I won’t break rs, that’s all on you ijs. I don’t talk much, not looking for love here, I don’t cause drama, I don’t rp, I just be chilling. If you can deal with that, hit me up?‍♀️?
  5. ?
  6. Still looking! I might be able to ask out if I find the right person 
  7. Still looking!
  8. Looking for rs my stats or higher. I'm active I can max gifts and I'm chatty. No rp!!! Add me if you want to be my RS. I will ask you some questions. Be4 I RS you.

    ?must be at least 2mcs
    ?I gift a lot!
    ?i can’t ask out

    6mcs, F, 21 here!
    Wall me 
  10. Looking for RS around my stats
    I gift a lot
    I can't ask
  12. Still looking
  13. Looking for RS . Just for stats only and max:max gifts. BUT can't do ask out. Hmmm.. i have favor if ever just pm me if interested. 25mcs up is enough 
  14. Looking for a stat rs partner with an intel build. 12 mcs and up and can you please ask?
  17. Looking for RS
    I am 3mcs, Male

    ?Stats do not matter much,but 500kcs up preferred
    ?I gift a lot, and daily dates too.
    ?I can't ask out!
  18. Still looking ️
  19. ? RS NEEDED ?

    ️ My stats or above
    ️ Female preferred
    ️ I’ll ask
    ️ Need to be Semi-Active
    ️ Need to be talkative
    ️ Need to love Brooklyn Nine Nine

    Wall or Follow me for further questioning. ️
  20. ?Looking for RS for Stats!?
    ▪Must have an ask out(I don't have one)
    ▪Must be around my stats(8mcs) or higher
    ▪Must gift occasionally(I can gift)
    ▪Must be active(I am active)
    ▪Male/Female (Any will do)
    ▪Talkative/Non-Talkative in PM (Any will do)
    ~~~~Wall me if interested!~~~~