Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  2. Looking for stats rs because my current rs is inactive, I'm 31mcs and intel build. At least around my stats, preferably if you have bigger stats than mine. Feel free to follow me :)

    About Me:
    -29yrs old
    -Active Af
    -Cant Ask
    -in a CC, so no sfw

    About You:
    -Around my age preferred
    -Close to my stats
    -Please dont go inactive.... my last rs went inactive after 7 months..

    ?Add me!?
  6. ?Looking for RS for Stats!?
    ▪Must have an ask out(I don't have one)
    ▪Must be around my stats(8mcs) or higher
    ▪Must gift occasionally(I can gift)
    ▪Must be active(I am active)
    ▪Male/Female (Any will do)
    ▪Talkative/Non-Talkative in PM (Any will do)
  7. looking for rs stats

    • must have an ask out
    • I'll max gifts
    • maybe I'll drop cats too
    • I'll help with completing dorm or selling furni
    • my stats are low cause i dropped them last month! I was 18mcs now 2mcs but I'll grow very fast
  8. Looking for rs near my stats I am 53 MCs ?
  9. 260kcs
    Partner can be 260kcs and up
    They must be able to ask.

  11. I found already ️
  12. I’m a 36 year old male. I’m friendly and easy to get along with. I love soccer and fishing.

    But, none of that matters because this is a game. We’re not going to meet in real life one day and fall in love.

    Here’s what you actually need to know about me:
    I’ll ask if your stats are higher.
    You ask if your stats are lower.
    I’m currently 26 mcs.
    I won’t break rs for someone with better stats (I ask for the same courtesy).
    I help people when I can.
    I am willing to max stat gifts if reciprocated.
    We can be friends.
    We can chat.
    We can have fun.
    I don’t farm
    I don’t rp.
    I don’t do drama.

    Follow me if interested.
  13. I’m 11 mcs. I do work a lot but I try to get on every day. I don’t rp but I do like conversations. Looking for my stats or higher and I’m willing to ask out. Wall me if interested.
  14. Needing a relationship who has similar or better stats than me. I’m pretty active on the app. Wall me if interested
  15. still looking 
  16. Looking for stat rs?
    -I’m 17mcs, would prefer 13mcs plus
    -I don’t max gifts but I like to do 1:1 of each cash gift
    -purely stats only but we can be friends I’m friendly :)
    -Can’t ask out right now
  17. Looking for a stat rs. Unfortunately, I can't ask. I used my free ask out on someone who was looking for a stat rs and she ended up breaking it off ?
    Free ask out wasted for nothing ?
  18. I’m almost 1.5 mcs.
    Just someone around my stats
    And I need someone to ask me thanks :)
  19. Hiya  currently in search of an rs, I can ask! I only have a few requirements, and those are that you are around my stats (19mcs), and that you have the ability to max:max new gifts. Just looking for a stat rs, but it'd be great to be friends!
  20. 
    Looking for a great STAT rs 30 Mcs
    •Maxes hunt gifts
    •Not afraid of sfw
    30mcs + only please
    •No gender preference
    •Super Active
    ️ I’ll ask out ?, add me ️