Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for Stat RS
    Max:Max gifts 
    ?No SFW ?
    ?Not break rs that’s rood
    ?Don’t be a Perv either
  2. looking for stat rs
    my stats or higher
    I can ask!!
    Guy preferred but not a deal breaker
    I wanna swap gifts too
  3. LOOKING FOR RS FOR 42.6mcs

     must be around my stats or higher
     will max you cash gifts every time
     must ask me
     we can be friends ?
     never in sfw
     will even give you my hunt boxes 

  4. Oh max:max cash gifts as well
  6. Let's try this again looking for a perm rs...

    I am a 32yr female
    ️I can max new gifts and do colored names sometimes
    ?I can't ask .. So you must be able to
    you must be my stats or higher I upgrade a lot so must be able to keep up
    ?feel free to message me or wall me if u have questions
  7. Im a little over 12mcs, must be at least 8mcs, max gifts, female preferred, i can ask, pm for more details
  8. No longer looking. Currently looking for rs for my 2 of my friend:
    1. No ask out, 85kcs
    2. No ask out, 400kcs

    Wall me
  9. still looking :)
  10. Looking for RS who can ask me out and same stats or higher. 13mcs here. ?
  11. Can someone ask me out?
  12. no longer looking. alrd found someone ?
  13. Looking for rs. Similar stats. Cannot ask.
  14. I'm 4mcs ? I ug every 2 days.
    Looking for someone about the same stats or higher, it will be good if we talk often ?
    Looking for someone who can ask out ?️
  16. still looking
  17. Looking for rs partner
    10+ mcs here
    Looking for stats around me
    Perm rs need
    No rp?
    I cannot ask you so ask me out please
    Feel free to add me or msg me
    RS need urgent
  18. Still looking :D I can ask if need be, wall me or add me :p
  19. O someone rs me like 20mcs+
    Max me and expect nothing
    Gimme colored names
    And ask
    And spoil me
    Maybe I'll talk to you sometimes when I'm not emo
    Just add me because I got silenced for a month for speaking fActs with a capital A in wc and Ata was mad af
  20. Found that someone ? That was quick?