Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. still looking for one
  3. Be my estranged RS

    looking for a stat rs
    I am over 8mcs and looking for someone around my stats who is also upgrading.
    you have to ask (sorry )

    MUST not mind sfw

    So how about it would you Sir/madam want to be my estranged RS?
    I'm +500kcs very active n constantly ug .. need a friendly guy (just for stats n maybe gifts, nothing serious) with same or + stats. I'm nice 
  5. STILL Looking for RS
    Wall me and lets talk

    Almost 15mcs
  6. Looking for an ACTIVE Stat Rs, someone around my stats would be preferable.
    Male or female I don't have a preference.
    I can't ask ;-;
    If interested just add/wall me
  7. Still looking 
  8. still looking for one
  9. Still looking, I'm close too 3mcs and am upgrading frequently. I'm a kind,sweet, and talkative guy, but sadly I can't ask :(
  10. Hi, I'm 30mcs and looking for stats rs, we still can talk though. Preferably higher stats than mine. Feel free to message me :)
  12. Looking for stat rs, has to ask me out I dont have ecs. Something perm and has to be active. Also we don't have to really talk 
  13. Im 7mcs will be upgrading soon
    Females only
    Same stats or higher
    U ask i cant ask
    Will do dates & gift alot

    Wall me if interested
  15. Still looking 
  16. Still looking
  17. ?
  18. Hey, I'm looking for a new RS. Mine is inactive. I can not ask. Min 5mcs and active
  19. I’m 768kcs, active, and upgrading very soon. I’m looking for someone with similar stats. Unfortunately, I cannot ask, so you’ll have to.
  20. Back and looking for an RS my stats or higher, would be nice to be able to have conversations from time to time , wanna spoil me ? Sure ! If not that's cool too . Msg me :)