Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. 7mcs+ 

    Stat rs pls..a main hopefully. My current rs is an alt.

    Upgrading fast and can gift too :) Girl/Boy doesn't matter. NO RP pls ty
  2. I'm a 1mcs alt, looking for stats rs, same stats or higher. You have to ask out. No rps, we don't have to communicate so much but exchanging gifts would be nice
  3. I forgot I can't ask out 
  4. Stat rs I’ll ask if ur higher
  5. 1mcs , looking for my stats and higher ?? just ask!
  6. Looking for a new RS,that I can trade rs gifts. At least mcs stats. Ask me out?♡
  7. 13mcs

    Looking for someone around my stats.
    M/F I don’t care.
    At least 18 (I’m 23)

    I’d prefer if you could ask but I could ask too
  8. still looking ?
    (mine isn’t active, will break up when i find a new rs)
  9. You must ask me out
  10. Looking for a RS whl won't cry/break over hits. Must be 8+mcs and I cannot ask.
  11. 30mcs now and still looking
  12. Still looking
  13. Looking for a stats RS I'm 7mcs
    You ask plz 
  14. 4.4mcs
    Rs for this hunt's rs gifts
    You ask ?
    Strictly no rp :|
    i won't break
  15. Looking for rs.
    -Preferred male
    -max:max gift
    -stat or relationship
  16. I'm 4.2mcs
    Looking for a stats rs higher than my stats
    Looking for a stats rs who is active and can exchange max rs gifts
    no rp
    I can ask ?
  17. ?STAT RS?
    I’m 5mcs
    3mcs and higher ?
    send each hunt gift/talk
    I can’t ask out sorry 
    guy or girl dm
    ?WALL ME ?
  18. ?STAT/PERM RS?
     RS around my stats (I’m 14MCS)
     You ask out please! If I found the right person I’d be willing to ask when I had the EC?
     Let’s max each other’s gifts ️
     Let’s be friends