Looking For A Relationship Partner?

Discussion in 'Other PIMD Discussion' started by Jerk123123, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. I’m 4MCS, anyone above 1MCS is fine if you can ask 
  2. 1mcs. Looking for someone around those stats. Min 800kcs. Can't ask
  3. I'm 7mcs looking for a stat rs.

    -Stats must be my stats or higher
    -Any gender, must be willing to be my friend & chat with me :3
    -Doesn't need to max gifts to each other since I'm trying to upgrade
    -Better if u can do colored names sometimes
    -Ask me out
    (Current rs is inactive)
    Wall me or follow me
  4. Looking for stats RS around my stats 6.7 mcs or higher. No RP ofc. Ask me out??
  5. 2mcs here. Looking for rs .no rp .only for stats. Ask me out. Thanks.
  6. Still looking 
  7. Im not looking for some pervs. I want a sweet guy to be my rs.
  8. 3mcs
    Looking for an RS who is 1mcs or above.. Have to ask out.
    Can't max gifts as I'm trying to upgrade.
  9. 32.6mcs Looking for an rs, I max gifts & do coloured names.
  10. 4mcs-5mcs
    4-5mcs ?someone who won’t mind my sarcasm
    Can’t ask out sorry!
  11. 15mcs looking for a stat rs around my stats ? i’d say im pretty active. can and will gift. Cannot ask out however.
  12. Still looking for rs. I'm 29mcs, looking for at least 30mcs and str build. Feel free to wall or add me if you are interested :)
  13. I’m 28 mcs looking for a rs. I can ask. Must max gifts. Must be at lest the same mcs. Must be ok with me being Asian 
  14. I'm 7.6mcs
    Looking for stat rs, min 5mcs
    i dont have askout?
  15. I'm 20 mcs and in sfw, looking for rs 15mcs+ who doesn't mind hits and can ask out ?
  16. I'm looking for a RS. male or female. active with stats close to mine or better. you will have to ask. 
  17. looking for stats around 600kcs or higher.
  18. Looking for RS. Active and upgrading. Same stats if possible. Girls only.

    I dont have ask out, you have to ask me out.
  19. ? My tut Ask_Sasha is looking for an STAT only rs
    •1mc ?
    •maxes hunt gifts 
    •friendly with no sfw ?‍♂️
    ️She cant ask ️ Ask_sasha
  20. 17mcs+
    ♡Looking for stats rs at least 10mcs+
    ♡Willing to max gifts
    ♡Occasionally does color dates
    ♡No RP please
    ♡Don't have ask out but I'll make up for it with my amazing personality plus loyalty