Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Ask me out same stats or higher
  2. Looking for rs. 1.2mcs here I upgrade very fast because I am admin in cc club. No rp . Only for stats .I prefer female .if ask me out because Don't have ask out .thanks
  3. I am 1.1 mcs
    Rs must be 500kcs
    I dont have ask out. Thank you
  4. Looking for a Stat Rs who can ask :)
    im 9mcs , i grow when i can
    you have to be 8mcs +
    i max gifts , help with furn & buying
    im a gr8 rper  / don't mind farmin
    follow me / wall me
  5. I have 71k for strength and 58k for intel.
    maybe around 50?
    I'm not sure if I have an ask out. This account is old.
  6. Need A 7mcs or up India girl for rs with askout
  7. I recently became active again..
    I have 5mcs stats.
    Looking for for a female,active and upgrading..
    Don't care if stats are lower than me min.stats(1.5mcs) if higher much better for me?..
    I lost my ask out and if u want a good active rs ? i am there...loyal, I won't breakup.
  8. Hmmmm...
    Looking for a caring RS.
    Have to be sweet and charming.
    I don't really care about gifts.
    Must be 2MCS+ and VERY active.
    I speak French too (je pourrais te gâter en Français mon ptit chou, mdr)

    I can't ask out unfortunately.
  9. Looking for a caring rs that’s going to be active, your stats don’t matter! I can’t ask atm As long as your going to be active and caring that’s all that matters.. Guys or Girls! Ask your girl out!
  10. I'm les and I need a girl
  11. You’re not even 1kc and I assume you already used your free ask out ?
  12. lmaooo
  13. Looking for new rs at least 30mcs, I'm 29mcs. Feel free to wall or add me for further information :)
  14. I'm Searching a Rs.... Don't have ask out...

    I'm 28Mcs.... 21+... Handsome if that helps.

    Laid back no drama

    Stats can be negotiated

    Hit the follow button
  15. Im alexa im 18 from the philippines looking for a rs sweet caring talkative and supportive
  17. Looking for a stat RS str build . I m 21 MCS. 25 male from India. I will be generous with gifts. Don't have a ask out.
  18. I Dont have ask out.
  19. Im 13.9 mc; intel built. I max gifts if you aren’t maxed. I need an rs for stats and conversation. 19 Female growing fastyes i have askout