Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. OP, Love me pls ?
  2. 1.4 mcs
    1.3 mcs and up.
    Can't ask out yet.
  3. 228kcs ???
    I don't mind, just someone active to exchange gifts with most of the time, and to make me pink because I look hot as a flamingo
  4. My tutor needs a stats partner, he's 40kcs, and needs someone to ask him out.?
  5. I really need a relationship, I'm so alone and a friend too HAHA

    • I'm 3mcs
    • Only a girl partner

    NOTE : I don't have Free Ask Out! Thank You.
  6. 26kcs
    Any kcs is fine
    I can't ask out
  7. LCBC here
    1 MCs plus has to be girl
    And I can't ask out but got 30ec so can send ec gifts
    Wall or pm me
  8. I have 1.999 mcs prob gonna ug again soon
    I want someone at least 1 mcs and up
    And if i find the right person i may be persuaded to ask someone out
  9. Looking for a new LCBC(can be lower) RS partner, mine doesn't like me anymore.. Says I don't make her pink/ purple enough ?
    I have a lot of ec . I'll ask out .. Wall me babes xoxox

  10. If you ask her out I'll keeeel you.
  11. :( you told me to find a new rs
  12. I'm looking for a rs around 200-300kcs if ur able to ask out
  13. Im 2.3mcs

    Looking for 2mcs and up

    I can ask out
  14. 799kcs️200-500kcs, not willing to ask out xD used it??
  15. ask her out please! :D
  16. 1 mcs
    500 kcs +
    No e.c so not willing 
  17. 2.1mcs
    1 mcs

    No ec so can't ask out
  18. Ask me out I'm looking for a stats relationship. I don't have the EC's to ask someone out
  19. My partner is inactive 