Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Bunch of creeps in here
  2. 3.8Mcs and i have a good looking avi?
    2Mcs min
    Ask me out ?
  3. 419 kcs
    Need at least 300kcs ️
    I'll ask out if you cant
  4. I want someone who likes rp but doesn't stalk and isn't a creep and someone that won't get mad so easy and also someone who likes pink names ;-*
  5. -Almost 600kcs
    -exactly 602579 kcs? no more no less
    -mebbe i can or mebbe not?

    i want baecon?
  6. ask me out 
  7. I am looking. For a soul mate
  8. LCBC
    4mcs or higher
    Not willing to ask out sorry :<

    (Im a sweet and caring guy) 
  9. Around 400 kcs
    Looking for a 400kcs and up
    I'm broke on ecs so I'm afraid you will have to ask
    Just hmu if interested
  10. Thomas-Brady
    Can't ask out
    50kcs or up please and thanks
  11. I'm 39kcs
    Looking for someone with 40kcs+
    I probably won't ask, so you'll have to XD
  12. I'm 650kcs looking for a stat relationship
  13. 200 kcs
    100 kcs up
    You ask
  14. 409kcs
    Around 200kcs and up?
    I can't ask?

    ■ I'm 3mcs
    ■ Need a girl RS partner of my stats, Just follow/wall me!

    NOTE.: I don't have a free ask out: *D

  16. Notice the fine print no free ask out
  17. Someone ask me out ️
  18. Haha I'm sorry but it's still readable: D