Looking For A Relationship Partner?

Discussion in 'Other PIMD Discussion' started by Jerk123123, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Ask Jaysus
  2. Lcbc 
    Anyone but this nub 
    I'm not asking 
  3. 2.1 mcs
    Rs partner 2-3mcs
    No free ask out 
  4. Who wants me to love them from afar?
  5. lookn a asian gf ? thats all deucezzz
  6. Im looking for old player with 0/0 stat must be hottie, sexy, 24 waistline, 22-29yrs old, p90x3 addict, brunette or blondy, petite, single, can drink fifty shakes of whey, send your CV/Resume at my wall. Will you lift with me babe? :))
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  7. I have my bird 
  8. Ily2 bæ.<3
  9. 141Kcs
    must be around same stats
    must ask me out
  10. eHarmony
    I havent heard of any others, i'm sure there's plenty more though
    Might wanna try those sites boys and girls
  11. 112cs  lol
    must lub me and spam me gifts without anything in return 
    Must ask me out
  12. good luck
  13. Thanks lol it was a joke but i guess i can give my little pony rp n if ur really good we can move to bacon rp lmao
  14. 0cs
    Min stat: LCBC
    Must know how to arpee
    Must be hawt
    I'll ask out, xoxo.
  15. 255kcs
    Looking for rs 200kcs or higher
    You'd have to ask

    Not much of a talker. Im on and off with this game but I try to get on everyday.
  16. Looking for anyone with 4mil on str I may or may not be able to ask out also willing to spam all non ec gift items to Max when they come out and yeah that's it idc if you talk or not lol
  17. 540kcs
    min 500kcs
    I can ask ?
    I just want my name to have color 
  18. Op stating the obvious ?