Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Hiya! I’m looking for a friendly rs who can ask out, I’m 21.1mcs, active and UG fast too. Wall or add me if interested, no alts tho pls. My current rs is just someone’s alt. I’m 19 yrs old and my timezone is aest

    ᰔ Can max out hunt gifts
    ᰔ No rp please, I find it weird
    ᰔ Be active and growing
    ᰔ I like having coloured names so if you can do that it would be great, preferably purple since I’m colourblind 🥲
    ᰔ I don’t care what gender it doesn’t bother me
    ᰔ Preferably 18yrs or older

    What I offer
    ᰔ If we get along together, I may spoil you sometimes
    ᰔ I’m talkative so if you don’t mind that then that would be a plus
    ᰔ I can pay for renewals at clubs or pay for flashes depending how well we get a long
    ᰔ sometimes I like match Avis or igns as well but we don’t have too
  2. Still looking

  3. Found 🙂☺️
  4. Looking for a sugar and spoiling rs 🥺
  5. Looking for stat RS for a friend:
    •Around 7mcs+ stats & active often
    •Must have an ask out
    •Not SFW friendly
    •Max:Max hunt gifts
    •Do some RS gifts
    But color dates not required
    •Be very friendly
    ❌no weird talking nor RP❌
    •either gender
    *she's female if that matters👩🏻
  6. ayo we looking for a new rs so 🤝

    about me ::
    - est / east coast
    - musician
    - mfing kool
    - they / them pronouns 🤛🏽

    looking 4 ::
    - idc abt gender, i’d prefer like, no older than 19 if das possible but truly idc LMAO
    - must max gifts bro 🤛🏽
    - color dates & active enuff 2 participate in promos 😾

    aight so truth be told man i just wanna vibe cause i ain’t here enuff 2 get into problems & shit 🤝 i can ask if you’re bigger than me or if you worth it otha than that pls ask 🤝 anywae wall me cool thanks :D
  7. Hi! I'm LOOKING FOR AN RS💗 I can ask out.

    1. I'm still ~smol~ (1mcs), but I am actively upgrading!
    2. Won't expect max hunt gifts but if you really want to, I can pay someone else to max you💗
    3. Please don't be an alt! That hurts my feelings cos this is my main🥲
    4. No rp plz🥲 I don't know how to and I don't want to.🥲
    5. Please be active! And nice❤️
  8. Found 😀
  9. Still looking
  10. Looking for a stats rs. 40mcs or higher. Literally just for stats, we don’t even have to talk if you want. I’ll max your gifts, don’t need to worry about maxing mine. I’m sfw friendly. You have to ask though.
  11. 🙌🏽27mcs🙌🏽 Still 👀looking lol
  12. Looking for a stat rs 100mcs+
  13. Still looking👀🖤
  14. Hello viewer.. 🌚🥃
    I am looking for friendly RS
    Am 50mcs+
    Can max gifts
    Can do dates
    Sfw friendly
    Anyone with good stats can ping me/gift me, thanks 🖤
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  15. Still looking
  16. Looking for RS similar stats. I spoil. That is all. No fluff. Just straight to the point
  17. Looking for a stat RS!
    I'm 1.27mcs, male, I don't care about sfw and I can ask out 😊

    My Friend :
    • Female
    • 13MCS+
    • Active
    • Maxing gift
    • Have askout
    You :
    • Male
    • Around 13MCS or higher
    • Active
    • Maxing gift
    • No RP, no SFW
    wall / add/ gift me for more info

    🚩Same Stats or higher
    🚩Is ok with me not talking a lot (busy in rl cause of work/school but i can hold a convo here and there🌝)
    🚩Can be M/F
    🚩SFW friendly

    🌟Im very kind and try to help out as much as possible
    ⭐️Will do colored names
    ⭐️Take you to BBB’s or Cat/Dog/Invites club
    🌟Share any of my shards with you

    Uhhh thats about it 🌚 but gift or wall me if yes 💕
  20. 9.2mcs

    5mcs or higher

    I can ask and no sfw

    Females only