Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Lf rs with askout, 5mcs+
  2. Looking for stat rs
    -Any gender, as long as you’re normal and talkative
    -I don’t expect much from you, do what you want
    -Basically just match my energy and we’re good!
    -I’m 20, don’t hit me up if you’re a minor is all, and maybe not anyone over 25?
    -Can’t ask! 💕
  3. Still Looking
  4. Thought I'd post again ❣️

    Looking for perm RS.

    💕 I'm 35mcs.
    💕 I'm on EST time zone.
    💕 I can max:max hunt gifts.
    💕 I'll post cute and corny stuff on your wall.
    💕 We can do color dates, go to flashes together, join clubs together etc and gift ec gifts.
    💕 I'm pretty talkative so we can vibe and get to know each other and even be friends.

    💕 Around my stats is fine though I'm not big on stats.
    💕 Max my hunt gifts.
    💕 Spoil me and I'll spoil back.
    💕 Will also post on my wall.
    💕 Talk whenever we can.
    💕 Be super cool 😎

    I can ask or you can ask ❣️

    Send me a cheap gift or wall me if interested.

  5. Found
  6. Found💜
  7. 😎look n for active,male stat rs at least 17mcs+ that doesn't mind sfw at times, can max cash 🎁.cheap gift me or wall if interested. If u have ask out yes awesome.ty😎
  8. No sfw, can max hunt gifts, 30mcs, funny, any gender

    Stat RS needed mostly for maxing out hunt gifts and other stuff
  9. I just need a rs. Who is alive.
  10. Looking for a new RS since my old one ghosted me.
    I really don't care about stats. Just be mature, over 30, and female. I can ask.
  11. stat RS
    no commitment or expectations
    just for stats!
    You must ask, wall me
  12. Looking for rs similar to my stats. I am not super active. I don't have askout. I don't have any condition for rs. Just similar stats would work😀 wall me if anyone interested 👍
  13. Looking for a rs that is active. Mine unfortunately is not anymore. Must be able to max gifts 🎁
  14. Still Looking
  15. Back here again 🤡
  16. Looking Again ☺💕

  17. Still looking, gift/add if interested 🥀🖤
  19. Hii, currently looking for a RS 👉👈
    ° I'm 35mcs
    ° I watch animes, dramas and play games (it's a +)

    Looking for:
    ▪︎Male or Female..idm
    ▪︎Same stats or higher
    ▪︎Max:Max gift
    ▪︎Cute wall posts (I like making wall arts)
    ▪︎Random gifting (I do that alot)
    I don't have an askout

    WM or gift if interested 👉👈
  20. ISO Stat RS 45mcs+ I’m 52mcs
    ❥ Looking for a stat only/would like to eventually be friends tho
    ❥ Super active & looking for someone else that is as well
    ❥ I max $$$ Hunt gifts & do ec occasionally when I can
    ❥ Sfw Friendly plz be also since I hop ec clubs/flash pretty often
    ❥ Open to asking out