Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. STILL looking for a
    STAT RS (11MCs or higher).

    🚫🚫NO SFW🚫🚫

    I DO NOT HAVE AN ASK OUT, unfortunately.

    Feel free to ask me out. Thanks!
  2. Asked out ;)
  3. Still looking.
    Ps: don't mind my current rs
  4. ℓƒ ѕтαт яѕ 🧸💛
    -ѕтя вυιℓ∂
    -αяσυη∂ му ѕтαтѕ (7-9MCS)
    -мυѕт нανє αѕк συт
  5. Looking for a PERM stat RS


    💎Male, 24 years old

    💎24.7mcs and still growing

    💎Conversation please. I get bored and love new friends.

    💎Time zone is CST if that matters

    💎Would love to do max gifts and help each other with furniture/items/Avis/etc.

    💎Swap color dates between us if possible

    Looking for:

    🖤Female preferably


    🖤Has to ask me out.

    🖤Needs to be around my stat range. Can be a little lower if you’re growing fast.

    🖤Just try to be active. Life is crazy though I get. I’m not active 24/7 like I used to be. Just keep growing with me

    🖤Time zone just needs to be close to mine. Don’t always want to be asleep when the other is awake.

    🖤Kind of want that cute RS that posts on each other’s walls, takes each other to flashes, matches avis if we can, and all that. I know. Cheesy.

    Send me a gift/add me if you’re interested!
  6. Still looking 💕
  7. Still looking 💕

    I'm 31MCS, 21 y/o. Not looking for a "relationship" but talking to get to know each other doesn't sound bad. SFW friendly. Not looking for creepers💀MUST be around my stat or higher&have an ask out cause a bish broke 🌚 Be active&growing!
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  9. Looking for a perm rs
    I’m 21, female 45mcs

    -Male preferably
    We can match and stuff if you wanna idm
    I’ll ask if you’re higher
    Please be friendly, I talk a lot🤷‍♀️
  10. still looking for rs 🥺
    I'm 63mcs, looking for 50mcs+
    active – max:max gifts
    hmu if interested
  11. ❤️

  12. No longer looking. ❤️
  13. looking for active male stat rs around 16 mcs + sfw friendly is purrfect .gift me add me tx.🐺
  14. Hello!
    I’m looking for a rs, maxing gifts is fine! I don’t need to be spoiled but if u want feel free, i’ll do it too if u want 😚 it would be perfect someone around my stats, so 15mcs+ it’s great. I’m not into sfw but i can take a few hits, it’s good if you’re not too involved in it. Oh also, i need someone ACTIVE who’s able to ask out 🥳 Wall me up if interested please 💙🦋
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  15. Hi,
    Im looking for an rs that can ask. Cheers.
  16. ISO permanent rs with someone around my stats or higher. I’m 55mcs Intel build. You can pm/wall me if you’d like. Not looking for a rs irl -Just on game. Maxing gifts is totally fine also.
  17. Still looking
  18. Looking for a stat rs🌝

    🧿I’m 35.1mcs int build, party fairy
    (but hits don’t exactly bother me either, as long as you’re not looking for trouble)

    🧿male or female (I don’t care as long as we communicate because I can be hella talkative)
    ✨I can ask I guess (just don’t break it)

    I get life happens, just let me know🧚🏽‍♀️🌈

    (also I’m not 100% sure if my current rs is active or not but if she’s inactive we’ll proceed)

    🔮🧚🏽‍♀️send a cheap gift or wall me if interested
  19. Still looking
  20. ISO rs for stats. Preferably around my stats (15mcs). I don't have ask out tho.

    Please be mindful that I'm not looking for friends or anything so I prolly won't be able to reply to your messages. I just need the date feature(for pvp) so I don't care if you're active or not.