Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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    • I'm looking for a stat rs, preferably male. My stats or higher
    • I'm 10.6Mcs and growing
    • I can't ask out so it would be good if you can
    • Please be talkative
    • I'm 20 so please be 18 and above
    If you're interested and would like to know anything else please wall/add me 🤗💕
  1. 🥺💕
  2. Looking for a PERM rs

    ❆️Female, 19 years old
    ❆️17.9 mcs and still growing
    ❆️I do enjoy having conversations if you're willing
    ❆️Time zone is EST/EDT (GMT-5/GMT-4)
    ❆I can ask out
    ❆I am willing to max gifts and help get furniture/items/Avis/etc.

    Looking for:
    ❆️ Any gender is fine
    ❆️18+ please
    ❆️15+ Mcs, lower is fine if you're growing fast
    ❆️Any time zone (the closer to mine the better)
    ❆It would be nice if we got along, I like having friends

    Feel free to gift/wall/add me to ask questions and discuss anything else
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  4. If you reading this click on my name and add me I'm looking for rs around my stats ( or we can see )i don't have ask out and sfw
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  6. Looking for stats RS.

    ☆ Female, 24
    ☆ 43mcs
    ☆ MST Timezone
    ☆ Gamer, Talkative, Friendly

    Looking for an active RS who's talkative and friendly. Colored Dates. Max:Max Gifts. Helpful in game. No SFW.
    Wall or Gift if interested. 🖤🦇
  7. I'm a female. 70 mcs. Looking for an rs my size. Gifting, coloured names, help each other out. Talk as well. No grumpy ppl.
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  10. Looking for an rs Daddy 💋
  11. Still looking!
  12. 🌹Looking for a Stats RS🌹


    ⚜️Near my stats (180Mcs)
    ⚜️Idc about gender
    ⚜️Max:Max Hunt gifts
    ⚜️Talk active would be also nice but that’s not a must

    Wall me/Add me first please 🌹
  13. Still looking
  14. I'm 20 (no one under 18 allowed)
    I'm a Non-Binary Bisexual
    I'm currently working on improving my stats so they may appear low atm
    Would like someone with at least 10k for both stats
    I'm willing to "ask out" or be asked out
  15. FOUND!!
  16. looking for stats rs✨

    ☁️ around my stats or higher and active

    ☁️ max:max hunt gifts

    ☁️ can be a friend or just for stats, so any gender,age,tz is fine✨

    ☁️ preferably no sfw

    ☁️ can ask me out👉🏻👈🏻🥺

    wall or add me ✨
  17. currently 15mcs+
  18. My friend is looking for a perm rs and she’s 21 mcs. Looking for someone close to that. She doesn’t have an ask out. M or F it doesn’t matter. Will max cash gifts and is talkative. Intel build is preferred but not required. She’s a great friend and will be a great rs. If interested please gift or wall me.

  19. Found, can't delete the original post so I'll just reply 🥲