Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. found
  2. Looking for a stats rs; 35mcs or higher.
    Max:Max hunt gifts.
    I'm friendly, I swear.
    I can even ask.
    Dont let me be lonely 🥺
  3. looking for an rs that’ll at least tolerate me until the next v day hunt. around my stats (i’m 19mcs)
    15mcs+ is fine but you’ll have to ask. i can gift and do ec dates, we can be friends or not if you’re not the talkative kind. you’d be missing out though. gift/add me if you’re interested.

    -i can ask if you’re at least 18mcs.
  4. Still looking 🗿
    • 3+mcs now
    • I’m tired of boys 🙈🤣 so my ladies out there😋🥰
    • I just really want an rs 😭😭damn
    • I’m really nice that’s always a bonus.
  6. Looking for new perm rs around my stats or higher wm 🖤
  7. 55+ mcs, Gmt /🇫🇮 LF mature, talkative male rs

    After ”only for stats” rs’s I’d like to find a mature, talkative male rs.
    Ideally we’ll hit it off and become friends. Gifting and spoiling is more fun w actual connection 😊

    I do like man to be bigger and stronger (hey! Who wouldn’t ?! 😉) but stats don’t matter if we hit it off and u r active n growing. Minimum about 20+ mcs tho.

    Gifting and all kinds of chatty goofiness, natural flirting welcomed.
    🚫No kiddos - I already have 2 teenagers to take care of irl.

    Rp? I’d probably just compare u to perfection in the past (just being honest here ✋😁) Buuut I’ve learned to never say never.

    My free ask out is long gone but It’s just ecs if I really want to rs someone, right? 😘

    I am not in hurry finding rs until next rs promo. But also new game/chat buddies always welcomed.

    Ps. My first post in forum so I hope this’ll end up in right place 😄
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  8. Lf stat rs I can ask
  9. Looking for an RS around my stats. 165 mcs. Would need to send hunt gifts. PM for more details.
  11. Looking for RS for stats mostly. We can be friends and send each other stuff 😅😇

    I just got "scammed" 😢 for asking rs so looking for long term😉
    Currently in 🇺🇲 but I'm from 🇫🇮 just msg me.

    Would ask out but currently broke. 😩 Thanks for the scammer.
  12. 107mcs female looking for a permanent stat rs...can be male or female..must be active daily and do max:max hunt gifts...wall me or gift if interested. P.S. I can ask.
  13. found
  14. Still looking.....
  15. (◕__◕✿) still looking, it shouldn’t be this hard lol. And I came back mid hunt hence my drops
  16. looking 4 active male stat rs approx 16 mcs+ .
    also sfw friendly and doesn't mind a tap every now and then.
    max gifts 2 help with our showcase stats as well help each grow .plz have a ask out.ty
  17. 🥲 𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓵𝓵 𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰🤍
  18. Looking for a new PERM rs

    🧔Male, 23 years old
    🧔7.25 mcs and still growing
    🧔I'm talktive
    🧔Time zone is GMT+3
    🧔 I can change nickname to match

    Looking for:
    👩Famale 18+ please
    👩5+ Mcs
    👩Any time zone but pref from Europe
    👩You need to ask

    👫 I would like to help each other(swaping items for showcase, shards for avis, maxing gifts) but it's not a must.
    👫 I dont mind rp
    👫 Matching name/avi (if you want)

    Add or gift me

  19. Still looking I guess,
    Pls be good and fast at replies 🌚 otherwise there is no point 😪
  20. When you’re looking for a RS but everyone seems to already have one…🥺🤷🏻‍♀️

    I’m looking for:
    - Preferably 23+ Male
    - Maxing gifts and 1:1 ec gifts
    - Be active, and upgrading
    - Just looking for a friendly RS that is talkative and is flirting🥰
    - We help each other when we can, either with finding furni and stats, gifts, etc.

    Who am I?
    - 25yrs old Female
    -EST time zone
    - I’m very active when not at work
    - I’ll be happy to ask out for the right person and if your higher stats

    Gift me if you are interested and we can chat, let me know what you are looking for also! 💋