Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for a rs 50mcs+ and sfw friendly. I’m hot and the full package if that helps
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  2. Still looking the good one dont add me if pervert 💀
  3. Looking for Rs
    Around my stats
    Sfw/ non sfw friendly
    Must be active and helpful
    LF a female rs
    Max:Max hunt gifts
    I don't have ask out!
    Add me or gift me
  4. Looking for rs
    Around my stats
    I don't have ask out
    Add me or gift me 🖤
  5. Need an RS with similar stats or higher since i’ll be upgrading. my stats are 132k. need to be able to ask out cause i can’t 🥺 no gender preference, 18+ & someone i can actually hold conversations with pls :) i spoil with gifts so i would like the same energy lol.

  6. Looking for a rs

    • Preferably male
    • My stats or higher (22.3 mcs)
    • Max:max cash gifts (sometimes i can give cute ec gifts)
    • No sfw/rp
    • Must be active
    • I can probably match the avi or ign
    • EST time zone or similar
    • I can ask
    I am 21/F
    Sometimes I like to gift things away and start colored dates. I speak English and Spanish🦋
  7. Iso active rs
    Similar stats
    Can't ask boy or girl
  8. 🤠hi! i’m just looking for a friendly relationship🎶

    🥸male or female or whoever you are, are welcomed❤️

    ❥ my stats are 51.9Mcs

    ❥ the minimum probably 50Mcs+

    ❥ i can ask out but i’d prefer if you did😅
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  9. Still looking, I’m not boring just too lazy to type a lot here🗿
  10. Looking for an rs
    Must be able to ask
    I’m 23
  11. Someone rs me I’m 174mcs, be close to my stats k thx 😁
  12. Looking for RS.. Over 70Mcs I can ask
  13. 154mcs looking for an rs no gender requirements pm
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  14. Looking for a rs with ask out around 12mcs,should be active n friendly...let's have fun n upgrade together🥰💞Add me if interested 🤗can max hunt gifts n do occasional color dates 💜
  15. Seb is looking for an RS stronger than me I will ask preferably female.
  16. 🍂🍂🍂Me🍂🍂🍂


    🍂🍂I am looking for rs🍂🍂

    -around my stats
    -idc about the gender

    No RP
    Max: max cash gifts
    Doesn't need to be talkative
    Gotta be active
  17. 🙋🏻‍♀️I'm looking for -SFW FRIENDLY ACTIVE RS-
    max gifts💯
    Upgrading 💯
    I don't talk to my rs✌🏻
    Idc about the gender
  18. Looking for a stat rs - I am a female

    Prefer male
    My stats or higher - I’m 23.1 mcs
    Max: max cash gifts
    No rp - flirting fine
    Must be active
    SFW Friendly
    Help each other out with stuff

  19. Looking For Loving/Caring RS

    I'm 4MCS, 21/M
    I need a rs who can spoil me and would be my good friend
    I don't have askout , you ask 💕
  20. Looking for rs. Can't ask. Semi active