Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for a stats rs for my friend🥰
    28+mcs, sfw friendly. She’s amazing and super fun to talk to. Gender doesn’t matter. Wall me for info
  2. still looking 👀
  3. Looking for malay only .🧘🏻‍♀️
  4. Back to looking for a rs.
    Gender doesn't matter
    Must be active
    Must be at least 12.6 mcs (my stats, or bigger).
    I can't ask right now, but can in the future.
    I would like to talk to and get to know the person before I waste ec's on another rs.
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  5. Hey! I'm also looking for rs and also want to know my partner first.
  6. ♡Looking for active rs♡
    • I’m 24mcs and active
    • Can Max:Max gift
    • Looking for someone 20mcs or higher
    • I don't mind if you make our names colorful 🌚❤️
    • Sadly can’t ask 😔
  7. Looking for RS

    - 19.8 MCs uging regularly 😅😅
    - Male 🙋🏻‍♂️
    - active af
    - Willing to max hunt gifts and also spoiling her 🙈🙈 with gifts of course
    - Loves to talk and be silly 😅

    - Please be atleast 4 MCs 🥺
    - Female is a must 😅🙈
    - Should be able to ask (Me nuu got ask out 🥺)
    - Willing to max hunt gifts and into spoiling too 🙈💖
    - Chatty like me cuz why not 🤷🏼‍♂️
    - Finally please be an adult....I don't wanna feel like a pedo 😅
  9. 70mcs & higher
    Female only
    Max hunt gifts
    Color name date(blurple only)
    Non sfw
  10. found
  11. y’all are so picky lmfao still looking. i WILL ask myself if i have to, just be my stats or higher.
    1. Using you for stats
    2. Max for max
    3. You ask
    4. Idc if we talk or not
    5. My stats 36.6mcs or higher
    6. Seb Help His Rs🌚
  12. Hi I am 362kcs
    I am not that talkative
    I am just looking for a rs for the game
    Can gift sometimes❤️
    No Rp❌
    Boy/girl doesn’t matter💞
    Ask me out❤️
  13. Looking for a perm rs💀
    > stats rs is ok w me.

    About muah :
    • I'm an alt. An active one.
    • 1.23mcs [ what a nice no. - I know 😔🌚 ]
    • I don't max gifts etc and don't expect any in return. I don't spoil and don't expect to get spoiled as well.
    • sfw friendly.
    • not the most chatty person.
    • loVe coloured names. If u can afford them once in a while- god bless you.

    Conditions to consider :
    • I don't really care about stats but 500kcs & above would be best
    • Female/Male idc
    • I can ask but only if I think ur the right one.
    > Also may not ask cause I don't wna waste my tokens on ppl that leave after they find another nub to cling on.
    • add me to get to know me better 😷
  14. I'm 24+ mcs female (21) looking for my stats or higher rs I'm active I need sfw friendly , active and continue upgrading rs I don't max gifts if you talk I'll talk sometimes I do reply but i just don't talk much at all and any gender will do it's purely for game only
  15. Looking for male rs. Around my stats (12mcs). NSFW. Must be active & chatty. Max:max gifts. Wall or gift me.
  16. helping my friend look for rs
    110 mcs and up only
    stat rs only
    can do max:max gift each hunt
    non sfw
    gender doesn't matter
    she will out if you are higher
  17. 🐕
    Helping a friend find an Rs

    He is 83mcs, SFW friendly & can ask.

    Wall/Add or gift for more details
  18. Hi, I'm still looking for a perm active rs 😄✨ I'm 2.26mcs (still upgrading), gender doesn't matter, (tbh I prefer male👋🤣) I love to gift new cash gift but I can't do max:max rn :(( maybe I can do that if my stats already high. I d love to spam your wall, matching avatar or ign and another cute things if you want to ✌️🤣❤️ SFW Friendly ✌️😄 and I can ask out (but please don't break me up). Wall me or gift me if you are interested 😊 Thank you~♡
  19. Still looking....