Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for STATS rs
    • Around 40mcs
    • Max gifts 💞
    • Active & growing
    • Gender doesn’t matter
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  2. Looking for a STATS PERM RS
    (If you want someone to flirt back and forth with please move on now)
    - 11mcs or higher (I’m 14mcs and growing)
    - My current rs has been great but is now not active and
    therefore not upgrading or growing with me so I need to get a new one!
    - I am looking for someone to be a friend with
    - occasionally talk but not daily or long messages, I have a busy RL and I don’t need someone to get mad if I’m not responding fast enough or something weird.
    - with that said AGAIN that means NO RP or jealousy or anything like that.
    - I’m looking for a friend on here so occasional chit chat and checking in and seeing how one is doing or how upgrading is going
    -occasional gifting new rs gifts 1:1 or max if I can or you can. Depends I suppose
    -ACTIVE- someone who doesn’t leave the game or at least on hitting parties and getting new items at least once a week but hopefully more often!
    -NO SFW- I’m DRAMA FREE here. In this game and RL I don’t like drama and prefer not to have it in this game. I keep to myself and stay clear of it and prefer someone who does the same. With that said, I got your back if you have mine.
    - LOYALTY- I want someone PERMANENTLY, someone to grow with and continue to support each other even as friends. But please stay loyal admin don’t be a rs seeker. If you need me to upgrade faster or hit more parties SPEAK to me and let me know I’m slacking or something. Dont just disappear or break up with me. Same goes for you. If you like someone in the game IM OKAY with it and you can continue that but please don’t break up with me or at least let me know..
    -I’m in the US
    -I’m female on here and in real life
    -but I don’t care the gender on here for RS
    - wall me or gift me a cheap gift if any of this sounds good to youuuu and then we can talk some more
  3. Still looking, gift me so we can talk before I decide if we’d be a good match
  4. I want 5 MCs stats female partner with askout
  5. Found 💕 Good-luck everyone!
  6. Looking for female rs 80+ mcs sfw
  7. Still looking!
  8. Looking for an rs (ONLY FOR STATS) must be sfw Friendly. If you can't take hits, get the fuck out of Here. I'm 94mcs, don't really care about stats since, most people here have shity attitudes. But gift me if you are interested IG.
  9. Still looking 💖💖
  10. My stats 81.7mcs
    Looking for active stats rs 75 mcs+
    No Sfw
    Cash Gifts - Max:Max
    You have to ask 💕
  11. I'm 24+ mcs female (21) looking for my stats or higher rs I'm active I need sfw friendly , active and continue upgrading rs I don't max gifts if you talk I'll talk sometimes I do reply but i just don't talk much at all and any gender will do it's purely for game only
    Contact me by gifts or wall me
  12. still looking
  13. Looking for STATS rs
    • Around 45 mcs
    • Max gifts
    • Active & growing
    •No SFW
  14. looking 4 new active rs or whatever lol
  15. Hi im 18mcs female looking for stat rs only. No rp occasional communication about our upgrade and such is great. We can discuss weather to max max gifts. Would like someone friendly enough to communicate when needed. No rp. If interested hmu ty
  16. still looking the suitable one (◍•ᴗ•◍)
  17. Hi ppl 👉🏻👈🏻🥺

    I'm looking for a new rs, any stats tbh as long as we get along and talk :)
    I'm only about 500 000 and I don't have an ask out 😅 I'm also just 17, so I'd like my rs to be around the same age as me

    Gib me cute rs pls 🌚
    Oh and I like to spoiled ofc 🤭

    Lmk if you want to rs me :")
  18. still looking, 17.9 mcs. male or female dont matter. would prefer no sfw.
  20. Looking for a stat rs
    I came back to the game a few days ago.
    I'm 1.8mcs
    I'm upgrading kinda slow
    I can spoil you with gifts - just don't expect expensive ones 😂
    NO SFW
    Gender doesn't matter.
    I'd prefer someone who would like to chat but if not, that's fine too!
    I can ask out :)
    Gift or add me if interested!✌🏼