Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for RS around my stats or abv
    My stat is 7.49mcs will ug soon
    No sfw,
    Don't have the ask out so u have to ask
  2. Rs me please life’s been lonely :(
  3. Looking for guy rs 38mcs at least
    Maxing my gifts
    No sfw

  4. Looking for Stats Rs 😶

    I can Ask if you are higher than my Stats 😶
  5. I am not looking to have a real “relationship” or anything. Nothing creepy, no socials. Just be decent and friendly and it’s only for “stats”!
  6. Looking for RS :oops:
    Me: 119mcs
    Sfw friendly
    Max gifts
    No rp or creeps need to reply

    You: Must be sfw friendly .. you’ll prob get hits being my RS 🌚✋

    Max gifts
    100mcs ish would be nice

    I can ask but honestly depends.. I won’t ask someone smaller than me 🥺🖤
  7. Still looking
  8. Looking for my stats or higher! No socials please and I’m not looking for anything serious 🌚 beings friends would be cool! I can max gifts and do colored names also 🥺💕 will ask out too!
  9. 🖤Looking for friendly rs🖤(with askout)
    ✨11mcs+ or higher❤️ *i’m 12.4mcs
    ✨age and gender doesn’t matter *I’m 19 y.o
    ✨can max:max gifts!
    ✨Preferably SGT timezone and non sfw🖤
    ✨Can ask me out🥺
  10. Looking for a RS

    • Around my stats (continues to grow)
    • Active (I am on here way too much sometimes)
    • Max cash gifts
    • Non SFW
    • Prefer Male RS (I am female)
    Would be bonus:

    Spoiling (I do try to spoil my RS, the same would be nice)
    Matching Avi
    Colored names sometimes

    I really just want a perm RS to help each other grow and thrive on here. I enjoy the game and would like a RS that feels the same.

    Send a gift if interested 💜🐰💜
  11. 🥃Me 30.8mcs male🥃

    🍷You at least 25mcs🍷

    🎲Looking for a stat rs...nothing more.🎲
    🍸I run a potd club so max gifting is tough to do🍸
    🍷I can ask out🍷
    🍺mature rs required im tired of kid drama🍺
  12. Looking for rs

    About me

    22 y/o male


    Chatty , active , friendly , helpful and caring

    I like to flirt and get close to my rs 😋

    I dont have ask out and i dont spend money here so im ec broke🤧🥺

    Im party fairy but i can take hits for you as long as its not too crazy amount and everyday

    I like to do match avis status and i can max gifts if you want❤️

    Looking for :

    Female only , stats dont matter just dont be below 5mcs and age doesn’t matter as long as you are not too older or younger than me 17-28 is fine🤗

    Be active , chatty and spoil me since i spoil back but i will stop if i feel its one sided

    Colored dates are optional since i cant do them much cuz as i said im ec broke

    I can join your club or you join mine

    Must have ask out or ask me out by ec🤧🥺

    If you got anything else to ask or know gift or add me please 🤗❤️
  13. Looking for stat rs only
    • around 7mcs
    •able to gift new hunt gifts
  14. Still looking, around 10mcs is okay
  15. ♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡
    Looking to be adopted
    💛Gender any
    💚Age any (open minded)
    💜Must keep up with stats
    🧡English/German speaking
    ❤️Maxing of gifts
    💙Occasional spoil(trade EC gifts)
    🍃About me🍃
    I AM A CC admin
    I will max gifts
    Don't mind a few hits, but no drama
    Looking for casual nothing serious
    Always up to chat & and fun
    💋Looking forward to meeting you💋
  16. RS found 💜🐰💜
  17. Need a rs as mine has been inactive

    Im 48mcs🥴
    Will max hunt gifts
    I can ask as long as you won’t break anytime soon
    I’m super slow at upgrading 🌝
    Would like someone close-ish to my stats
    Age/gender doesn’t matter
  18. Hello, Looking for an rs with similar stats or higher (I'm 10mcs)

    I'm active between 6-8 hours a day 😬in a cc and plan to stay that way, I upgrade as often as possible.

    I can send cash gifts and every once in a while ec gifts

    I'm 23f, rs can be Male or female dont mind, you can be chatty or not, I'm easy.

    I dont have an ask out
  19. Hi! I’m looking for an active rs only for stats.

    Someone who can max cash gifts as I will do the same ☺️

    Sorry though I don’t do rp 🤭

    Also not really into SFW but I don’t mind as long as you’re not a war freak

    I also don’t have ask out 🤣
  20. hallo 👁👄👁 I'm looking for an rs again

    Preferably my stats or higher (18mcs+)

    No sfw ppl 🤧 atm

    Stat rs O N L Y por favor i have a boyfriend

    Idc what gender (im gorl) but prepare to be my bestie

    I'd like it if we maxed each others gifts 🥺🧡 i like spoiling my rs as well

    Preferably 18/21+