NEW CONTENT Live Fabulously Remastered!

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  1. More content F2P players won't get and you piss off your big spenders. Brilliant move.
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  2. The weekly VIP box should stay. Most of us loved it and prefer it over the subscription package 😁
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  3. I didn't even realize the black background for text is gone, yay! I've gotten so used to it lol but the keyboard is DEFINITELY an annoying thing, along with the textbox on walls. Please fit the textbox because every time I hit "return" or if I post a wall post on my own wall, the textbox disappears.
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  4. Are these all iPhone only glitches? I've not come across any glitches like this on Android.
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  5. translation “I spent real money on a video game and still haven’t learned that the developers do not care about the players”

    grow up? idk.. devs haven’t cared since DECA bought them out :D I still have multiple people using new and bought alts to harass me, they would rather put out new avatars than do player protections
  6. they are throwing their money into the toilet anyways, ATA will always release new dorms / avatars / miscellaneous and furniture - it’s a forever grind and will take hundreds of thousands of dollars easily (or you’ll be small and never experience all of that game stuff)

    either way: they’re banking on people staying around for new content, as if most of us don’t have 1,000+ avatars to use currently anyways..
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  7. I have no idea why you can exchange the new floral crowns for the old cash ones but not vice versa. I NEVER spent my cash crowns hoping better Avis would come out and then yall did this… it’s ridiculous. And it costs an arm, a leg, and a liver to save for these floral crown avis. Forget about it people
  8. This is such a clear representation that the makers do not play their game nor do they respect the players putting the food on their table and keeping their homes over their heads.

    I would really like to see an Ata member go to t10 x amount of times to afford the gold crown avi. And then come back and tell me it felt good to spend all that time, money, loss of sleep, for the game to literally shit down your throat because someone's gunna spend a little extra bento and have a 100/100 (which by the way I hope no one is getting that thing)

    I complain often with this game but idky I bother or any of us bother. There's 4 pages of the same shit and it's all talking about how absolutely out of their mind Ata is, and they don't even play. They come say hi once a month. Idky people still put money into this for avis like that anymore, it's too fucked. No point in doing t10s anymore.
  9. PSA: those of you who still spend thousands on this game at your big ages are the ones who keep this greedy ass game alive and enable this company to continue selling you crap like this. they know you'll continue to guzzle garbage so why would they not keep releasing it?

    much love & stay safe out there
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  10. Ah, the usual ATA disappointment and displeasure. Never seize to amaze when it comes to the continued cash grabs and money schemes. Must be rolling in green. I feel for all the casual players and you providing a big F U to them. Be more fair.
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  11. This is why half our friends keep deleting or going inactive lmao. I spent so much time and money to get the lb avi and could’ve spent a fraction of that (NOT EVEN REAL MONEY) to get a 100/100 ugly shard avi? 75b-100b for a 100/100 vs lb 10+ times WITH the time, bentos and real money spent… it’s our own fault ig. I haven’t spent on this game besides the occasional monthly or dns during promos in well over a year atp. This is enough to make me not wanna spend at all. Well done ata. You’ve truly outdone yourselves. AND yall were too lazy to even color the vip+ avis differently lolol
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  12. Hi guys! How are you tonight…😃
  13. Good night😍