LIMITED TIME Avatar Bundles!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by ATAMarceline, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. The thread existed but was deleted; the items never made it into shop or spinner. I assume there was a technical error and they removed the thread until it was fixed.
  2. avis not worth it pls
  3. Been wondering about this for a bit lol
  4. Thanks for posting the pics!
    Not a fan. Won't be buying one.
  5. Thanks ?
  6. Where are this months avatars ?
  7. *ahem*

  8. I’m saying shop wise :(
  9. *Sep ava finally arrive in stores*

    "It's been 84 years."

  10. Omg Rose ️
  11. They ever gonna put them in shop????
  12. Where are September spinner items?
  13. There was technical error and they are working on fixing it, like I told you on the previous page. Have some patience.
  14. My app only shows the September spinner bundles in Molly's Corner but not these lovelies when I was about to purchase. Is there a glitch?
  15. Yeah, they had to temporarily remove them from the store.
  16. How to get those?
  17. It’s now Dec 1st and they’re still in the store 
  18. Lol true