LIMITED TIME Avatar Bundles!

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  1. ^ this was our entite interaction on this thread. i did not speak to you.

    Glad I could dumb it down for someone who lacks common sense such as yourself :(
  4. I really love the concept of the bundle with the avis. I agree that they're not very pretty, male one isn't too bad. If you do this again with better looking avis is definately buy it
  5. on your threads, i post "✔️ Seen"

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    anyway, stop quoting me when im not talking to you if you don't want a response


    anyway, the feminine avatar is cute and idk what all the criticism is for tbh ?
  6. I don't harass anyone especially not other males about their changed body parts. I'd kill myself over not being straight. That's just how I personally feel. Now, knowing how serious I take my sexuality, why lie about it being harassment? Nobody needs your stupid comments. You throw salt but can't handle it when you're put on blast. You're a stan.
  7. Ayyyy! My avi is on his shirt!!!
  8. Both avas are unattractive. Meh. Bring back the old artworks so that they are worth to buy. 
  9. I love how they incorporated their own things into the male shirt still, I don’t think that’s been done too often ?

    Side note: not every avi has to be “pretty” like ya not gonna date an avi ?less “pretty” Avis would be great

    Also the female hair doesn’t look bad at all, just uncommon for pimd Avis
  11. I find the female avi overall cute, but her bangs look.. off. That’s the only reason I disliked her tbh, they make her face look stronger, aka “more masculine”? They frame her face strangely. It looks like if she were to stand completely straight, her bangs would be slanted. That’s the only issue I have, other than that she actually looks like my friend Ima who’s a cutie.
  12. Well, they did say they were trying to go for more masculine avatars. But I agree, the bangs are triggering my ocd. Heh.
  13. Ok but could you make the girl avi a little prettier, like her eyebrows shouldn’t look like that...
  14. i dont get what's wrong with her bangs or eyebrows 
  15. In my personal taste her bangs are the most hideous thing ever, not even looking at gender or anything else, just the bangs are a terrible idea
  17. Ehhhh? I’m still too poor
  18. whos he/she/it/they ?
  19. I hope ata does more of these.
    And deals like Molly's corner had before.
  20. Ugly. Also, where are the September avas and spinner sets? ?